Smoko Ono Takes Over London With Yxng Bane, Chance The Rapper, and Joey Purp for the “Winners” Video

An essential producer behind present day Chicago hip hop, Smoko Ono has the ability to intertwine his city’s traditional sounds with those of the future. With the help of Yxng BaneChance The Rapper, and Joey Purp, Smoko Ono shares the new visual for “Winners.” The song has a true dancehall feel to it, bolstered by smooth, Afrobeats-inspired drum patterns and bouncing synths providing the ideal canvas for the two Chitown heroes to deliver their verses. Crossing the Atlantic ocean to London with his Chitown crew, Smoko and the dudes post up with Yxng Bane on his home turf, moving around the city, and hanging out the side of their van. Through incorporating elements like a fish-eye lens, the video creates the feeling of watching a vlog about Smoko and his friends while they do some light shopping and dig in on a prominent restaurant city. Making sure to stop by KISS FM UK to promote their new single, the four artists bring their short trip to a halt by finding some time to participate in London’s nightlife. 

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