So Cal Emcee DeweyQuinton Unveils His Engaging New EP, ‘A Love Joint’

Traditionally, Los Angeles Hip-Hop is more known for for being either festive, gangster or a mix of something in between. Despite this, there has always been a thriving underground scene in So Cal, headed by names like Blu, Overdoz, Pac Div and plenty of others. Calling the city home himself for the last 6-years, rising rapper DeweyQuniton has been consistently working to establish himself as a leading voice, leading to a substantial following. Looking to further establish himself as a presence, he checks into our pages with his reflective new EP, A Love Joint.

Clocking in at 12-minutes, the 4-track project finds Dewey exploring a handful of different thoughts that generally center around love and the many different ways a man can express his love to a woman. Utilizing a strong vocal tone, endless array of cadences and an engaging pen, Dewey showcases his strengths well over the production from Sean Teszi and Max Headroom, the latter of which handles the projects standout record, “Pretty Girls.” Opting for sly and playful flows and tones and that make the song sound more like a conversation than a record, he gives a sermon on how pretty girls often have the most baggage, but despite that, he couldn’t live without them.

Take a listen to the EP below and get familiar with DeweyQuinton.

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