So Cal Rapper Sir Will Checks In With His Energetic New Video For, “Moment of Truth”

Not typically known for its’ Hip-Hop scene, artists aren’t really flocking to Arizona normally in hopes of being discovered, though rising vocalist Sir Will is not your normal artist. Hailing from Compton, the energetic rapper recently moved to Phoenix, which for some would’ve resulted in a day job and a new career path, but instead for him turned into an opportunity for a new network. Looking to further establish himself as a defining voice on the west coast, he recruits Arizona rapper Judge Da Boss for their enjoyable new video, “Moment of Truth.”

Set to the backdrop of the desert, we first find Sir Will and featured artist Judge Da Boss challenging a pair of women to a race in some dune buggies. Immediately following the conversation, the beat then drops and the song, as well as the video, delve into absolute mayhem. Produced by Pandora Nightz, “Moment of Truth” is a highly energetic record that finds Sir Will leaving no stone unturned as he switches through different flows at a fast-paced rate while rhyming about a handful of topics. Touching on the forever relatable topic of persevering through rough times and coming out on the other side better for it, he represents an ability to be empathetic to his listeners, providing a large sense of relatability.

Take a peek at the video below and get familiar with the Compton lyricist.

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