Songstress Macey Estes Debut EP ‘Save Yourself’

The seductive songstress Macey Estes turns up the heat on her debut EP Save Yourself, prod. by Aaron Berton, Matt Crawford (Thutmose, JORDY, Syd B) with help from Max Heubel, as she keeps it real and gets vulnerable while tackling subjects such as self-worth, mental health and heartbreak.
The title track ‘Save Yourself’ is a retro pop blend of in-your-face vocals and head nodding smooth drums slaps. Accompanied with minimal synthesizer detail, this rnb/pop anthem is about facing your mental health in the mirror. (currently queued in the Ones To Watch “#NowWatching” playlist)

The closing track ‘Addicted’ invites you into a sensual realm of sultry vocal layers and leaves you wanting more. Between the grooving bass and seductive melodies, you can feel the drunk in love emotion behind the song. (currently queued in Before The Data’s “Fresh Faces” playlist)
The EP also includes three singles that Macey released this year: ‘Wreck It All’ is “full of raw emotion and smooth fun melody” (rockdafuqout), and the music video got us all in our feels (dir by Ian Dooley/prod by Alexa Munger/edit by Spencer Harvey); ‘What We’re Here For’ – the “dance/chill-friendly piece where Macey’s silky vocals deliver the value of self-love” (Aupium); and ‘Everything Is You’ – the “the R&B-tinged groover [that] spreads a sense of overwhelming elation and comfort through its heartwarming lyricism and equally jubilant vocal effort” (Digital High) was also accompanied with a dreamy music video (dir/prod/edit by Jess Kunkel).

Listen to Save Yourself here:

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