South London’s Sabiyha today shares new single ‘Do I Matter’, co-written with & produced by close friend Drew Jodi. Stream ‘Do I Matter’ across all platforms from here

Between its unhurried, offbeat groove and Sabiyha’s sandy vocals, ‘Do I Matter’ seems to belie little of the hurt which played into its beginnings. Sabiyha originally started to write the track in the midst of the fall-out from a short-lived but deleterious relationship, before temporarily putting the song on ice. Later completed down the line with the considerable benefit of both hindsight and a reclaimed sense of self-worth, Sabiyha flips her take-down of a f*ckboy to summon both saltiness and real playfulness. As the track’s chorus weaves in & out of a roll-call of gaslighting and coercive behaviours, its question pivots from ‘Do I matter?’ to ‘Do I care?’ – the emphatic negative reply – tellingly left unsaid by Sabiyha – is unmistakable.

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