St. Louis Based Hip-Hop artist MC Tres New Video “Mr. Nice Guy”

After the release of Late Night Flights (Deluxe), MC Tres follows up with the music video for Mr. Nice Guy, produced by Producer O. Shot and directed by Miss-N-Scene productions, the video finds MC Tres in a local skating rink, Skateway. 

MC Tres explains that the song “serves as a reminder for people to step up into power and to make sure the ones around you got your back”. This video is a perfect depiction of this reminder with how the Mr. Nice Guy character goes from being the underdog to the top dog with support from others.

When listening to Mr. Nice Guy in the car on the way home from the skate rink, MC Tres “thought it would be a great song to skate to”. He started to build onto the concept idea by “taking inspiration from classic skating movies like Roll Bounce and ATL”. A storyline was created around MC Tres’ “brother and his real life skate crew on 8s to bring the song to life”.

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