Stream: @DaylanGideon Newest Single “Call God”

Rising star Daylan Gideon is coming from Atlanta, the place that birthed him and allowed him to fall in love with his passion, music. 

While growing up, Gideon was surrounded by music; his father was in a prominent Urban Grind groupSo he got to attend shows soaking in the scene and energy. When he wasn’t there, he watched MTV Jams or hung out with his late cousin Phlow who kept him around music. It wasn’t until high school, when the young vet freestyles to a Kendrick Lamar beat, that he took his craft seriously. “Ultimately, I want to finish what my cousin left behind,” says the 25-year-old. And he’s doing just that; these past six years, he’s been consistently putting out music, building a solid fanbase. And As of recent, he’s been in the kitchen cooking up; he whipped up Left 4 Dead. A two-piece plated combo came with “Many Men” and “V$ Boyz,” both produced by A1 Devin. It was the first release since his fall EP Greatest Ever Vol. 1. And now he’s back feeding fans with another single and visual titled, Call God. Back in the producer’s seat is A1, providing a beat that’s bound to shake up your car and have you stuck in a trance with the trap-like beat. At the same time, Gideon is on the mic spitting some fly shit for you to get dressed or turn up in the car. These singles are just appetizers leading up to the main course, the sequel to his 2018 project 4 My Dawgs. Set to drop before the year is up. 

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