T James Is Alabama’s Next Big Star

Alabama has a winner in up and coming Hip Hop artist T James. Coming fresh off of the release of his “Tha Hottest” material and Trapping Made It Happen EP, he is at the top of his game musically. With the backing from Alabama shot hot Lil Bam, he is garnering the attention of all the right heavy hitters in the game. He has an authentic sound that is allowing him to turn his passion for creating high quality music into a reality. On his new album you get a chance to see how creative the emcee got during quarantine

Within 15 songs T James has put together an impressive body work that takes his sound to new heights. As he is very proud to be from Alabama you will hear a country twang undertone in his raps,which is reminiscent of his southern upbringing. As the lead single “That Hottest” becoming James’ biggest single to date, it set the tone early as to what music listeners can expect to hear on a full length project of James’. He does an excellent job of creating depth in his topic choices giving us an more direct look at what life looks like for him as a budding rap star.

If you enjoy high quality music, from incredibly talented artists, you will fall in love with the musical styles of T James. Press play below to stream his new Trappin Made It Happen EP and tap into some new vibes.

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