Afrobeats Legend Don Jazzy LLaunches “Don Jazzy Radio” on Apple Music 1 

Apple Music today announced that Afrobeats legendary producer, entrepreneur and Mavin Records founder, Don Jazzy will be hosting a monthly radio series on Apple Music 1 called Don Jazzy Radio from today.

“It’s a great opportunity to host my own radio show on Apple Music 1. We are always looking to catalyse important conversations on the music coming out of Africa, on the people, and the culture. This is a huge platform to further promote Afrobeats to the world. I’m very excited about the possibilities and I can’t wait to show you all what we have planned,” The Don tells Apple Music.

Don Jazzy Radio will offer the best of what’s next, what’s new and the golden age of Afrobeats, all curated by The Don himself, which listeners can enjoy through his regular features called Quick Bites, The Dons Blessing andPick of The Week, as well as exclusive guest interviews and fan-centred experiences.

In Episode 1 titled “Afrobeats 101”, Don Jazzy alongside his co-host, Mavin’s DJ Big N, will talk about the origins of Afrobeats, his entry into the space, the individuals who moved the needle, and he will answer one request from an Afrobeats-loving alien. Episode 1 will also feature much-loved Afrobeats tracks from Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid, P-Square, Tiwa Savage and more!

Don Jazzy Radio will be available monthly on Apple Music from Tuesday, May 31st. Discover Don Jazzy Radio on Apple Music:

Davido Tells Apple Music About His New Album, Working With Kanye & More

Davido joins The Dotty Show on Apple Music 1, and teases details of his forthcoming album. Plus, he reflects on his collaboration with Kanye West, reveals the artists he would like to work with, and more.

Key quotes are below, available for use with credit to The Dotty Show on Apple Music 1. Listen back to the full show on demand anytime with an Apple Music subscription HERE.

Davido Tells Apple Music About His Forthcoming Album & Teases Name Change For The Project…

I don’t think we’re using that name anymore [‘’We Rise By Lifting Others’], but it’s almost done. We’re just in the final stages with mixing and mastering. Really not a big reason for the name change, we just wanted to keep that more for our foundation, and it’s something that will always stick with us. So the new name will be announced soon. Our music is done, like I said, we’re in the final stages of the mixing and mastering. And hopefully after the tour we let loose.

Davido Tells Apple Music What Fans Can Expect From His New Album…

Fire, fire, fire. We’re bringing back that original Afrobeat music. We had fun making this. So I make fun music so I just want… I’m here to make people smile, dance, and sometimes reflect. I feel like everything is going to be… It’s in that album. Everything you need. And I feel now we’re going to change a lot. Not really crazy on features with this album, it’s more of bringing back that Davido, Davido, Davido, Davido. Of course there’ll be a couple features, but nothing crazy like that. So we’re here for… This year we just making music.

Davido Tells Apple Music About ‘Stand Strong’ and Working With Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir….

Crazy man. Yeah, we was in Atlanta when he was having the release parties, and then from there I met Jason who works with Kanye, and then we just got in the studio and played them a couple records, and obviously ‘Stand Strong’ is the one that fit them. And we flew out to L.A. and we shot the video. And hopefully we get to perform a couple shows with them. It was just a different feeling, a different kind of record. I wouldn’t say I’ve never done a record like that, but I don’t think I’ve ever released a record like that. But funny enough, my earlier records, before Afro beats and stuff, that’s the kind of music I was geared to, like R&B, slow, soulful type stuff.

Davido Tells Apple Music About The Artists He’d Like To Work With…

I’d love to work with SZA. I like SZA. I worked with Summer [Walker] already. She’s amazing…Summer’s my sister so you can go get another one on the album. But I like SZA, I like Khalid. I just met this really cool dude, we just hit the studio. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, his name is Masego. Yeah. He’s on my album as well. Crazy.

Apple Music announces Kwesi Arthur as the featured artist for this month’s Rap Life Africa

This Week’s episode features new music from Kwesi Arthur, all the breaking hip hop news and the hottest tracks of the week from around Africa! 

Tune in to Rap Life Africa With Ebro and LootLove on Apple Music 1.

Apple Music’s Rap Life Africa radio, presented by hip hop aficionado, Ebro Darden and SA TV presenter and radio personality, LootLove will feature one of Ghana’s foremost rap talents, Kwesi Arthur, on this week’s episode. 

Ebro and Loot will chat about Kwesi Arthur’s new track “Drama” feat. Big Homie Flee, which is now available to stream on Apple Music.

Rap Life Africa radio will also feature tracks from A-Reece (“Red Dragon” feat. 25K & Jay Jody) and Okmalumkoolkat (“Spova The Genge Superior”).

Apple Music’s latest Africa Rising artist is Afrobeats singer, Victony

Apple Music announced the latest featured artist in its Africa Rising artist development program as 20-year-old Nigerian-born singer, songwriter and rapper Victony (real name Anthony Ebuka Victor).

“Apple Music is opening the world to the beauty of African music and I’m glad to be one of the select few that are championing the new school sound and breaking boundaries in these exciting times. Love!” Victony tells Apple Music.

Born in Orsu, Imo in Nigeria, Victony’s foray into music started with his Soundcloud mixtape called, The Outlaw King (2017), and although he started out primarily rapping, he began to incorporate elements of trap, R&B and Afropop into his music showcasing his versatility, and experimenting with his sound. 

After being in a car accident that almost claimed his life and the use of his legs, Victony was confined to a wheelchair for months during his recovery. But he didn’t let that deter him from making music, releasing several hit singles like the introspective “Pray”, and the upbeat collaboration with Mayorkun called “Holy Father”, as well as working with Grammy-winning producer Rexxie to release the two-single EP Nataraja (2021). 

His latest EP, OUTLAW (2022), available to stream now on Apple Music in Spatial Audio, is a showcase of his meticulous musical arsenal. Spearheaded by single “Apollo” (that features a sample of the DJ Clock and Beatenberg smash hit “Pluto”), the EP is a tour de force of melodic elements, from the Afropop anthem “Chop and Slide featuring Burna Boy” to the slower, sensual beat of “Kolomental”.  

The latest music from Victony along with that of Africa’s hottest new artists, is available now on the Apple Music Africa Rising Playlist.

Tems Tells Apple Music About Truth, Overcoming Fear, Writing From a True Place and More

On episode two of Leading Vibe Radio, Tems, Tunji and Muyiwa explore ‘The Other Side’ of humanity as they talk self-awareness, fear, celebrity, therapy and empathy. The Nigerian artist shares her motivations for making music, more stories from her childhood and advice for creatives on remaining honest and authentic with their work.

Key quotes from the episode and image below. If you’re able to use, please credit to Leading Vibe Radio with Tems on Apple Music 1. 

Listen to the episode in-full anytime on-demand with an Apple Music subscription at 

Tems On The Theme Of This Week’s Episode – ‘The Other Side’

Everybody has anxieties. Everybody has issues. Why are we here? To share them. So that other people can maybe find something that would help them by just knowing that they’re not alone and that it can be overcome. And that there is a better life. And amongst all this misery, amongst all this chaos, there can be joy that can be found actually in life, just by you sharing your truth. And that’s why it’s important for you to share it. Not think about what you think people want to hear, but what is actually real because somebody needs that real and the real cannot be replaced, there’s only one truth. That’s the most precious thing you can ever do, is to be completely honest. Not for you. I mean for you, but also for, most importantly, for others, for the next generation, for other people to make life better. That’s what the other side is about. Things are never as they seem and… I feel like a lot of times people want to be distracted from their own lives. I challenge you to not be distracted from your life. I challenge you to look at yourself in the mirror, look at yourself, think about yourself, find yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself. I challenge you to do that. Don’t idolize anybody’s… You don’t have to think about what you are not doing or what you are afraid of. Face that fear and know that on the other side, there’s something amazing for you. 

Tems On Fear And The Difference Between Being A ‘Doer’ And A ‘Viewer’

I think the difference between a doer and a viewer is fear. I think the only difference between me and somebody that can also sing, that nobody knows right now, that has never released any kind of music at all, is fear. 

Just putting yourself out there is fear that separates us, and a lot of people that do view other people really speak and judge based on how they see themselves. And a lot of the things that people say, a lot of the opinions that people have, are really based on a kind of low key jealousy that they’re not really able to put themselves out there. And they find confidence in being invisible. And the challenge is overcoming fear. The first challenge to becoming a doer is overcoming fear.

And then when you are now a doer, I feel like you are watching other people… judge what you are doing, even though they’re not doing anything at all. And the challenge is reminding yourself that their opinion doesn’t matter actually. And if they knew anything about life, they won’t be online speaking, they’ll be doing too.

Tems On Focus, Taking Time Between Releasing Music And How People React To That

People imagine themselves to be in your position, but don’t actually understand the actual work that goes into it. So everything that they say is based off of their imagination. One thing that a lot of people never notice until now is that the first half of every single year, since I ever released music is my time to work on myself, work on my music, do everything I need to do. And in that time it seems like, “Oh my God, what’s going on?” Nothing is going on. And people start talking because everybody is scared. It looks like they have something important to say, or they have something reasonable to say, but really it’s fear.

And they’re scared for me in quotes, but if you go to the roots of that, it’s really because they’re afraid of doing what they really want to do. And they feel like, “Oh, how can this person just be chilling? What is she doing?” But you actually don’t know what I do on a daily basis. You actually don’t know how my life actually is in real life; you can’t even fathom it. And if you were me, do you know whether you’d be alive? Do you know whether you wouldn’t have done something by now? Do you know whether you would’ve handled it better than me? Because you don’t know what I’ve seen or what I’ve gone through. And a lot of this is really self-projection. Just projecting your own fears.

Tems On Overcoming Fear

Everybody has their personal… what they feel fear, what the result of fear is in their lives and how they see something. Or how they react to something that they’re afraid of. And I believe it’s really looking at yourself and asking yourself if this is something to be afraid of. 

It really is just about looking at what it is and being honest with yourself. And a lot of times, what we think are afraid of is really not what it seems like on the surface. A lot of times there’s a root to that fear. There’s a, “oh, I’m afraid of getting fat. Am I afraid of getting fat? Or am I just afraid of not looking…” Or “do I just not believe in myself? Do I just not think I’m good enough?” Or “do I not just think that I will ever be good enough?” There’s always a deeper question. And then when you find that deeper question, you start to see yourself a bit more clearly. You start to see things a bit more clearly. 

Tems On Whether She Thinks About How People Will Receive Her Music

Honestly, I don’t. Maybe on the day that we’re releasing it, the day of, I’ll start looking for everything. Every reason why this song, this project should not be out. I’ll start thinking, oh my gosh, what have I done? I’ll start having last minute anxiety. And when I know I can’t do anything about it, it’s already something that is gone. Even if I said, oh, let’s not do it, I can’t actually stop it, but I just always decide all the time to have that last minute bout of drama. I just have some drama going on just before the 12 midnight, I’ll start acting dramatic. Just because it is my, “oh, it’s finally out” way of celebrating. It’s a ritual.

Apart from that, I really don’t. Do you think Picasso ever thought, “Hmm, I wonder if the way people think right now will stop them from understanding this art. Maybe I should draw something that people can receive well.” I don’t. I mean, imagine if he did that, and we probably would not know his name, which real artist thinks about how people would receive something? Even if you took the formula, the reason why everybody should like something, you still find people that absolutely hate it and absolutely cannot digest it and absolutely dislike it. Even if I decided I’m going to do a project that’s hits only. According to what I think people think is a hit, I would do a project that’s hits only. Hits only. Hits only. It sounds mad. It sounds like a great idea. But when it comes out, there’ll be something that doesn’t quite gel. And it’s not just because I have become a slave to people’s opinions. It’s also that there’s nobody in this life that everybody likes. There’s nobody. Art is an extension of you. Everybody cannot like your art because everybody cannot understand you. Everybody cannot receive what you’re trying to send. And what you’re really just trying to send is the truth from your eyes. How you see life, everybody can’t see how life, the way you see life. So why worry about whether they’ll see it from your perspective. If you don’t, you don’t, I’ll be fine either way. I’m still alive. 

Tems On Whether She Actively Tries To Make Songs That Will Empower Her Listeners

No. I don’t think that because you don’t think. Art is not something that is created out of thinking, it’s created out of doing. You just open your mouth and sing. When I freestyle, when I make things, when I made “Replay,” I literally just opened my mouth and I just started singing. I didn’t think about, “Oh, this is empowering.” Even when I made “Free Mind,” I was dealing with a lot in my mind. And me, I was just releasing. I was just like, oh God. I was just feeling it deeply. I wasn’t thinking about anything. It’s not a thought process. You don’t think about breathing. 

I would never regret anything I released because I know that came from my soul and that’s what is important. Every single song came from a true place. So the only way I can ever regret is if I do think, “Hmm, what would people like?” And then I release it and realize, that’s not me at all. Why did I do this? I don’t even believe the things I’m saying, why did I do this? And then I’m unhappy, while everybody’s happy. And everybody is feeling great with that song. And there’ll still be haters on that song too. But if that song now went up, now I know that I hate that song with my life. Every time I perform it, I know it’s not me. And then I’ve trapped myself into a marriage with this song that I know I don’t really believe in. So who loses, who wins? Because the people that are listening to it, is it a win for them? Do they actually get anything tangible from that thing that isn’t true, from that song that isn’t your real life? So what was the point?  

Some people’s way of creating is thinking about the masses. That’s perfectly fine. But for me and for any real artist, if you want to be happy, because you can have all the money in the world, you can have all the hits in the world and you’ll be miserable and you’ll be trapped because you now start feeling like you can’t express the real you after making so many hits. Then you can’t, you’re afraid to show people who you actually are. Because you feel they won’t accept you. And then you trap yourself in your mind and you live your life continuously miserable.

Apple Music’s Spirits Rejoice Campaign Returns With Africa’s Premiere Gospel Singers

Apple Music’s Spirits Rejoice campaign gathers the best and brightest gospel voices to amplify this time of joy through three exciting playlist takeovers by revered South African singer Dr Rebecca Malope (Spirits Rejoice), Nigerian singer Joe Praize (Worship Today) and Nigerian songstress Nosa (Gospel Flow), as well as an exclusive playlist from Nigerian worshipper, Dunsin Oyekan.

Spirits Rejoice aims to uplift and support the overarching message conveyed by these singers, with each playlist takeover and exclusive playlist highlighting and amplifying specific songs of encouragement and praise.   

As one of the top-selling genres in the world, gospel music is characterised by emotion, choral voices, and soulful sound that moves the listener with every note, and African gospel has become one of the most popular genres on the continent over the last few decades, specifically in South Africa and Nigeria. 

African gospel is uplifting, rhythmic, and spiritual and the lyrics reflect diverse worldviews, theologies, cultures, and experiences of Africans from all backgrounds.

Discover the Spirits Rejoice campaign here:  

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