BONES Links With grayera For New ‘Withered’ Project

Affirming his rap royalty status, BONES shares Withered, his new project. Created in collaboration with producer grayera, a fellow TeamSESH member who has connected with BONES in the past for fan favorite, “LooseScrew” ft. EddyBakerWithered finds BONES alternating between laid-back yet emotional anthems and commanding, verbally blunt bangers. The seamless production from grayera pairs perfectly with each track’s lyrics and ranges from tough 808’s all the way to guitar-led beats.

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BONES Gets Skeletal in Claymation “DeathTrain” Video

Constantly finding new ways to make his music stand out among the rest, BONES never stops working. Coming through with a nightmare released just before Christmas, BONES embodies his Ricky A Go Go persona and shares “DeathTrain,” his new claymation-animated video. The single finds BONES/Ricky channeling some of the lushest pop sounds of the 1980s, showing off a smooth singing voice and an LL Cool J-inspired flow as the underground legend professes his undying love to his partner. Never one to shy away from wearing his heart on his sleeve, Ricky/BONES sends a vulnerable message to his muse: “I never thought too highly of the world we’re in / until I met you now I got a reason to live.”

In the Alex Machin-directed claymation video, all of the characters are portrayed as skeletons with clothing on, paying homage to BONES’ artist name.

Underground King BONES Returns With His Fifth Full-Length of 2021

His mind bursting with more ideas than he can count, underground hero BONES never stops working–he accomplishes in one year what many artists achieve in their entire careers. Coming through with his fifth full-length album of 2021, BONES shares Scrapsa 17-track new collection of songs. Created in collaboration with Lyson, a producer signed to BONES’s TeamSESH label who connected with the artist in 2020 for the fan-beloved Remains project, Scraps finds the Michigan native in his rap bag, unleashing triplet rhymes with ease before slipping into softly-sung choruses that hammer his points home. Lyson’s production is intricate and lush–he’s a master of arpeggios, twirling delicate melodies whether he’s using a mournful piano, a vibrant guitar, or a vintage synthesizer.

BONES Connects with TeamSESH’s Cat Soup For Immersive ‘ForbiddenImage’ Album

Restlessly creative with a massive and growing catalogue, underground rapper BONES inhabits his own musical universe. Connecting with cat soup, one of his TeamSESH producers for a 13-track new effort, BONES shares ForbiddenImage. Over the past week, the Michigan native has been teasing the album on Instagram, posting a series of videos (created and animated by cat soup) that put an eerie twist on early computer games like Myst and RuneScape. Produced in full by cat soup, the project takes sonic inspiration from that early digital aesthetic. Comprised of 6 instrumentals and 7 vocal tracks, on which BONES alternates between his locked-in spitting and compelling singing, ForbiddenImage is available now via TeamSESH/EMPIRE.

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BONES Steps Into the Light In New Video For “WhiteBoyRick”

With over 20 albums full of clever and cryptic references, BONES always finds a way to be creative. Today he’s breathing new life into the story of Detroit’s infamous informant turned bad boy, White Boy Rick. Often hiding his face with effects and distortion, BONES changes it up and steps directly into the light in the video for “WhiteBoyRick,” the latest video to be released off his album InLovingMemory. After robbing a liquor store of all of its Backwoods, BONES and his crew post up outside to smoke blunts, talk smack, and vibe out to the eerie Question Markproduced beat. BONES then cruises through a fiery parking lot in a tricked out lowrider, sending warning shots to those asking – “BONES, why you kill em all the time with the rhymes? / Too clean with it, mean with it, wanna let em lie / Look into the sky, I’m the one you ask ‘why?’ / I’m the one that let em live, I’m the one that let em die.”

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BONES Has No Time to Show Sympathy In New Video For “InLovingMemory”

Through his massive discography and consistent releases, BONES keeps his fans hypnotized and eager for more. Striving to feed this always hungry online cult following, BONES shares the video for “InLovingMemory.” The first track from his recent albumInLovingMemory, finds the underground sensation unapologetically crushing anyone who stands in his way, starting from his hard-hitting opening line: “Walk up in your spot and watch me turn it to a grave.” Staying true to his mysterious persona, the video depicts a dark and eerie graveyard environment that compliments the track’s Greaf-produced beats. Already poised to follow in his father’s footsteps, BONES’s son Howl can be spotted making his debut cameo in the highlight track.

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Underground Hero BONES Contemplates His Legacy with “InLovingMemory” Album

With a massive body of work that spans countless albums and multiple side projects, underground sensation BONES never stops working. Taking a moment to contemplate his legacy with an eclectic collection of songs, BONES shares InLovingMemory, his latest album. Spanning 17 tracks, InLovingMemory finds the TeamSESH founder following his muse, absorbing a variety of sounds into his inimitable blend. BONES is a versatile vocalist, switching on a dime from hard-nosed triplet raps to smooth singing whenever the moment calls for it.

On tracks like “AnyLastWords,” BONES spits paranoid rhymes over a dark trap beat derived from ’90s Memphis rap, while on songs like “BrandNewExpectations,” the Michigan native bares his soul over spindly guitar hooks inspired by Midwest Emo. Ever the experimenter, BONES saves his biggest swing for last, setting his sights on the dancefloor with the moody “TwasTheDarkestNight,” mixing a driving 4/4 beat with expansive synths and even a horn section. Featuring production from TeamSESH beatmaker Lyson and many others, InLovingMemory is available everywhere via EMPIRE.

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BONES Ruminates in the Rain in the “PopRocks” Video

An unceasing worker with a loyal army of fans, BONES is a pivotal figure in underground internet rap. Sharing the brooding visual for a ruminative track, BONES shares PopRocks.” Blessed with a textured beat from TeamSESH producer Deergod, “PopRocks” finds BONES switching between clipped raps and laid-back singing, as he sends a message that he’s not one to be trifled with: “The world is nothin’ but bad news and cancer/Knocking on the devil’s door and I’m the one that answers.” Directed by Jeff Frutski, the video reinforces that message, as the 27-year-old rapper cuts an imposing figure while delivering his rhymes in a stylishly rendered rainstorm. “PopRocks” is the opening track from PushingUpDaisies, the upcoming collaborative album from BONES and Deergod.

Friends since childhood, BONES and Deergod are kindred spirits, each more-than-willing to experiment with sonics to serve the messages in their songs. Deergod’s production palette is wide-ranging, borrowing hazy orchestral flourishes for headtrips like “BluntsInTheRain,” crafting soulful boom-bap on tracks like “P.S. 118, dabbling in dark trap for downtempo bangers like “Clickin’, and layering intricate guitar patterns on the tape’s more melodic tracks, including “Lasso. Throughout the project, BONES effortlessly matches Deergod’s wavelength, alternating stutter-stepping triplet flows with smoothly emotional singing, often on the same track. A worthy and immersive addition to BONES’ massive catalog, PushingUpDaisies releases on March 26th via TeamSESH/EMPIRE.

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