Fasscoupe & Millyz Release “Orange” Official Music Video

Music video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zslFNPSOj9c

Stream/ download “Orange” by Fasscoupe and Millyz: https://song.link/us/i/1532589349

Fasscoupe joins forces with the cold MC Millyz who’s also great at melodies but is notorious for his high level Rap ability which is now considered its own genre of rap. Both Cambridge reps but from different parts of the city, Millyz is solidifying himself as the coldest MC in the music game at this moment, and not too many people are opposing this. It’s great to see this Cambridge combo.

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Boston, Massachusetts artist Jackie Jones New Visual “MIT”

Jackie Jones, is an independent artist from Boston, Massachusetts. Far from your “average” rapper, his affinity and genuine love for all type of music is consistently evident in his work. Raised in the inner city Boston neighborhood of Mattapan, Massachusetts; Jones draws much inspiration for his music from relationships and real life experiences and his versatility has already been recognized by a number of his peers within the hip hop community.
Upon release of his first project 02126, Jackie immediately garnished the attention of online websites such as UpRoxx.Com, GoodMusicAllDay , and CanItalkmyish.com, commending his range, delivery, and variety of musical influences evident in the 14 track project. Remarks such as “he’s not a rapper that’s making music about things that are trending or popular” accentuate the truthful and genuine nature of the music Jackie Jones strives to create. Although his music reflects the reality of his life, Jackie is not afraid to push the boundaries and showcase his creativity with tracks like Run it, Alphonso’s Song, and Slacker.
Jackie Jones has performed at various venues across New England presenting tracks off of 02126 and is continuously working on new music and videos. In an industry that is unpredictable and constantly evolving, one thing is for certain. The future looks bright for this versatile rapper from Boston.

Below is a link to the music video. The project it will be on is called “Twenty Minutes to Logan”.

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Boston based artist Bry Releases ‘OMW’

Bry recruits frequent collaborator and international producer Beats Craze for his latest single “OMW.” This marks the second release in two weeks for the 21 year-old Boston based recording artist. After a busy first two quarters, Bry decided to get back to the drawing board and really focus on developing his sound. Five months later and he’s back with hands down his most versatile, most original and most polished music to date.

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Boston native Fade releases “Don’t Be Mad,” which features Sir Michael Rocks

Boston native Fade releases “Don’t Be Mad,” which features Sir Michael Rocks. The record stems from experiences Fade went through when he decided he wanted to take music seriously as a career. The responses were ones of doubt and hate, but “Don’t Be Mad” is a menacing rap response to the naysayers. Even though at times it feels like it’ll never happen, you have to follow through with your passion until it becomes reality. This record serves as a caution to the doubters, don’t be mad at his demeanor towards you when he’s on.


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Chi’Codez – “The God Of Wealth (EP)”

From, “Money, Money, Money,” to, “StarBoy,” Chicago’s own, Chi’Codez, really brings light to the wealthy life.

He’s been living in, “The God Of Wealth,” and portrays his new lifestyle with lines from the tape, like “Making Money is my hobby,” and “Look at all this money I’m counting.”

With that there’s no doubt he’s carrying a sense of abundance with him, and his dope music just compliments it.

Check out the official project below, The God Of Wealth, below.



Boston Native Masspike Miles Releases Heart Felt Visual “Home Sick”

Masspike Miles
takes this one back to his home town of Boston for a heartfelt tribute to the place that he will always be home regardless of his whereabouts. Miles speaks about his love hate relationship with the streets that raised him to be the man he is today. After filming this video his life took a drastic change for the worse when his beloved grandmother “Nana” passed away April 30th 2017, which provoked Miles to release this last visual of his Grandmother before she passed away.“Home Sick” Directed by Gil Videos.

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Boston’s A.B. Soarin’ & FreshfromDE Align With Pristine “Perfect Symmetry” Visual

Boston, MA recording artist A.B. Soarin’ releases the latest visual “Perfect Symmetry” featuring executive producer FreshfromDE, off his latest studio mixtape “The ABCD.” The catchy, melodious, Latrell James produced song has undoubtedly became a fan-favorite and one of A.B.’s most successful to date. Since its initial release last November it has since surpassed some of his most notable records and continues to rise in numbers. Most who are familiar with previous projects would agree that, A.B. and Fresh are an ideal combination, or as the song title suggests have “Perfect Symmetry.” Fresh’ infectious hook and bridge, along with the cohesive blend of A.B.’s background vocals, lay the foundation and enhance the colourful imagery portrayed in the video.
*Written & Performed by A.B. Soarin’ & FreshfromDE
*Directed & Edited by Flex Vision & Fiya Films


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Dev-Uno – Something Wicked (Album Stream)

Releasing his debut album, Something Wicked, Dev-Uno sets the tone of the project with the 6enesis-produced track, “See It Clear” ignoring the naysayers and focusing on accomplishing his new goals for the year, with this project being on the top of list. The 13-track effort demonstrates much growth from the Boston native since his debut project, ROXCHESTER. Not only does he show vulnerability but hunger as well. Something Wicked features production handled by 6enesis, Summit Beatz, Latrell James, Jus Gamble, Jake Killed It, Doc Lek, Doc Breez, and Ben Neary.

Stream the album below and be sure to purchase on iTunes.

Kam’Geez – “Cut The Check”

Just trying to get paid.

So take it that way if money isn’t the motive!

G.Y.B. Camp affiliate and Boston Bred artist, Kam’Geez, delivers a brand new hitter for the streets.

For all the go-getters out there, here’s a new hustler anthem titled, “Cut The Check.”

Whether this new single is appearing on his forthcoming project, we’re not sure.

But until then make sure you check out the new single below and more of Kam’Geez, via SoundCloud.

Game Players To Game Changers, is on the way!


Boston’s Vintage Lee hits the ring with “Jib & Jab”

Roxbury, Massachusetts native, Vintage Lee, shares her catchy new track, “Jib & Jab,” to start the weekend off with a kick & a punch. Produced by Tee-WaTT, “Jib & Jab” reintroduces the young artist after making waves in 2016 with “Hennythings Possible” and “PiMP Like Me.” Vintage Lee is wrapping up her debut project, PIMP, due out later this year.




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