Comethazine Spins Back with a Snarling, Self-Titled New Album

With his playfully prickly personality and a knack for annihilating aggressive instrumentals, Comethazine has built a die hard fanbase since breaking out in 2018. Armed with a sure sense of self and a demonic smile, Comethazine shares Comethazine The Album, the culmination of his years-long rise to becoming a rap supervillain. Ever the lone wolf, the 23-year-old rapper continues to prove that he doesn’t need a gang to “push your wig back,” shouldering the 17-track load without any features. The new album benefits from Comethazine’s love of violent imagery and his lack of respect for societal norms–the artist makes sure the listener knows that his trademark demonic smile is no mask, but an accurate reflection of his gleefully chaotic being.

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Comethazine Announces 10/22 Album, Shares Video for “Six Flags”

Comethazine has established a unique lane for himself as one of hip-hop’s most bellicose enigmas, spitting unmistakable cadences over hard-biting trap instrumentals in his signature, macabre aesthetic. Continuing his streak of combative sounds, the St. Louis native prepares for Comethazine The Album, his new album is set to release this Friday, October 22nd via Alamo Records. At 18 tracks in length, Comethazine The Album continues his stream of full-length projects with no features or big-name producers, bolstering his reputation as a lone wolf within the industry. Last month, Comethazine further proved the strength of his lone vision with the music video for Spinback,” the first single from Comethazine The Album, which he shot, directed, conceptualized, and edited himself. Few can pull that status off, but Comethazine masters it. 

Today, Comethazine shares Six Flags,” a new music video from the upcoming album. Unlike the park referenced in the title, Comethazine makes it crystal clear that he’s not here for anyone’s amusement in this track. Pulling no punches over the track’s two minute runtime, Comethazine states plainly the differences between himself and the world: “All my n****s gangbang, Comethazine been did that/I don’t need no gang, I bust your brain independent.” Directed by JMP, the video follows a bare-faced Comethazine leading a gang of masked gunmen into a bank heist. Reminiscent of the opening scene of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, the visual perfectly capture’s the track’s urgent hostility of Comethazine’s barking braggadocio over the dramatic orchestral strings looped throughout. 

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Comethazine Stares Down Death in New “Spinback” Video

WIth a snapping flow and an aggressively sinister sound, Comethazine has carved a unique lane in the rap game. Indulging in his darkest impulses, Comethazine returns with Spinback,” a new music video. A bite sized banger that barely crosses the 100-second mark, “Spinback” showcases the Alamo Records signee’s addictive cadences as he warns his enemies to keep their social distance or suffer the consequences: “They was 4 deep, but I had one gat/Went got mo’ heat so please come back.”

Shot, directed, conceptualized, and edited by Comethazine, the video is the perfect visual accompaniment to the song’s carnivalesque woodwinds. Comethazine takes a walk through a dark alley before being ambushed by a group of gunmen, who shoot him down. Not willing to go down easy, Comethazine rhymes his verses through his bloody grill, staring daggers at the camera as the paramedics attempt to save his life.

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Comethazine Releases ‘Bawskee 4’ Album

Specializing in hedonistic, high-octane trap bangers, Comethazine is a rap game supervillain and Bawskee 4 is here just in time for ~spooky season~. Bawskee 4 builds upon the Billboard 200-charting album Bawskee 3.5 and solidifies Comethazine as rap’s most charming misanthrope. Filling your speakers with rattling bass lines, menacing rhymes of destruction and world domination, and a diamond encrusted snarl that shines with his mischievous charm – Bawskee 4 is 15 Tracks, No Features and, dare I say, some of Co’s most memorable punchlines (See the aptly titled “Complaining”). Created with help from longtime producers like DIVChildboy, and ToomBawskee 4 walks the line between introducing new sonic elements and holding onto his trademark trap elements from all the way back to Bawskee 1. Comethazine came out the gate this Fall with hard-hitting singles from the upcoming project – “Air Max” (2.6M YT), “We Gone Win” (1.9M YT), and “Derek Jeter” (1.5M YT). All 15 tracks on Bawskee 4 are under 2:30s, yet still have a cinematic element – like every Comethazine track lives within its own world. 

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Comethazine’s Bawskee 4 Tracklist is Here Dropping Oct. 23rd

Comethazine dropped the tracklist for his upcoming project Bawskee 4 yesterday. Bawskee 4 will be dropping next Friday, Oct. 23rd via Alamo Records!

Building from his Billboard 200-charting Bawskee 3.5, Bawskee 4 is the fourth installment of the St. Louis rapper’s signature mixtape series. Comethazine is bringing it back to his roots on this new project – it even features tracks that he’s held onto since the original Bawskee 1! So far, Comethazine has released “Air Max,” “We Gone Win,” and “Derek Jeter” from the project with much success. 

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Bawskee 4 includes no features. This is Comethazine in his purest form and he’s thrilled to be sharing the project during his favorite time of year, *spooky season*. 
Let me know if you’re down to cover the Bawskee 4 tracklist and album release date. 

Bawskee 4 Tracklist:

1. Riddle

2. 556

3. Air Max

4. Doubledecker

5. Jumpman 4s

6. Lame

7. Sip Lean

8. We Gone Win

9. Two 45s

10. Murder Passion

11. Still A OG

12. Derek Jeter

13. Complaining

14. Skin That I’m In

15. Get Naked

Comethazine’s Got Game Like “Derek Jeter”

Comethazine is peak playboy on his new video single “Derek Jeter.” Keeping up the same rhyme scheme throughout the whole song, Comethazine plays the field, in more ways than one, as he slyly raps, “single life for me because I choose to be a cheater / dolo when I slide, I pull up just me and my heater.” Comethazine shows off his playful side in the JMP directed music video, giving you a day in the life of his escapades delivered with a mischievous grin only Co could pull off. Ashing blunts in an apple pie, winning the spelling bee, and squaring up to home plate, Comethazine has that athlete level game – it’s a home run season and Co is on his way to the World Series of singledom.

Comethazine Puts On For His Team In “We Gone Win” Music Video

Comethazine hits the streets of New York in the music video for his new single “We Gone Win.” His signature snarls rides the nostalgic piano beat as he puts on for his Hench Mafia crew amongst the lights of Times Square and Washington Square Park.But don’t let the beat fool you – touting a McLaren and diamond grillz, Comethazine reminds the haters who’s on top, rhyming: “voices telling me I gotta do ’em in / Gotta be the first to spin, b*tch / if it’s war then we gon’ win.” “We Gone Win” is the latest single to come from Comethazine’s send project of the year – keep a look out for news.

Comethazine Releases New Album “Pandemic”

Comethazine decided on the album title back in January after watching the Netflix series, Pandemic (wiki here) and announced it via IG on March 3rd, a little more than a week before the WHO declared the current COVID-19 outbreak a “pandemic.” With stand out tracks including the albums opener, “No Front” (over 630k views on YouTube since last week’s release) and “Gallardo,”Pandemic! serves to further establish Comethazine as rap’s most charming misanthrope as he continues to revel in his “no-f*cks-given” / “me vs. the world” attitude.

Comethazine built a massive fanbase without relying on co-signs, features, or big-name producers and is more than ready for this new age of isolation. His new album, Pandemic! is filled with hard-hitting, adrenaline-fueled bangers featuring razor sharp wordplay and the signature bossed up attitude he’s pioneered during his successful Bawksee series of projects. Racing through 13-tracks in slightly more than 20 minutes, Pandemic! is a chronicle of Comethazine’s proudly hedonistic lifestyle, as he stacks obscene witticisms and reconting everything he loves (Jordans, guns, foreign cars, lean, Faygo, crab meat) and hates (liquor, fronting, manners, fakes, nearly everything else).

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Comethazine New “Pandemic!” Album Releases On March 27th & New Single & Video for “No Front”

Specializing in bite-sized, adrenaline-fueled bangers, nobody in rap brings an energy quite like Comethazine’s. Channeling his darkest impulses into a hard-hitting new project, Comethazine plans Pandemic, his next album. Perfecting the style he pioneered during his successful Bawksee series of projects, including last year’s Bawskee 3.5, Pandemic (a title he picked after enjoying a documentary on Netflix in January) finds Comethazine sharpening his wordplay, adding to his arsenal of flows, and growing his bankroll. Dripping with the pure evil attitude that earned Comethazine his loyal legion of fans, Pandemic arrives on March 27th via Alamo Records.

Along with the announcement of the project, Comethazine shares No Front,the first video single. An apocalyptic banger complete with siren-like horn blasts, heralding untold calamity, “No Front” is an unapologetic flex-fest. Over a scant 103 seconds, Comethazine rattles off an escalating series of outlandish bars, piling up to create a picture of a person who truly gives zero f*cks: “A life without a drum is no fun/100 plus shots, one gun/100 shots of lean, not rum/I don’t drink liquor, just lean/Never popped a pill, not one bean.” In the video, the St. Louis native schemes stacks bands in his lair, roosts in his bright red ‘Rari, and enjoys a fine meal (“Filet mignon, crab, well done”) at a fancy restaurant with a model or two.

Named an XXL Freshman in 2019, the 22-year-old Comethazine has paved his own path in the music industry, building a huge fanbase without assistance from co-signs, features, or big name producers. His 2018 breakout single “Bands” earned a Gold certification from the RIAA, and his signature song “Walk” went platinum and earned a remix from A$AP Rocky.

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