Bay Area artist Dumaka releases “Siamese” with BabyFeez

Stream/download “Siamese” by Dumaka:

“Siamese” acts as a stand-alone offering from rapper Dumaka as we won’t find this one on his upcoming project expected this February. Instead, the single is another example of what happens when the Bay area rapper joins forces with mega producer BabyFeez. As a frequent collaborator of the artist, BabyFeez lays out the perfect soundscape for Dumaka to share some of the lessons he’s learned from hustling in the streets. 

When you combine the raw lyrics of the rapper with the solid production provided, the outcome is a street anthem with melodic, trap elements about drugs, money, and the fast life. One thing Dumaka does consistently is share his real-life experiences on the track, but recently he’s been taking his fan’s thoughts into consideration. “I’ve really been putting out records and letting the fans decide which of my newer styles they like the best,” he explains as he’s been sharing a more versatile sound when it comes to his recent music.

Up next for Dumaka is his forthcoming project titled ‘Reminisce’ which is sure to show a smoother side to the rapper as he plans to release a series of slowed down singles to prepare fans for the full-length project. Following “Siamese,” Dumaka is waiting for the ideal time to share new videos and drop a new record titled “John Stockton”.

Dumaka drops “Lost Me to the Streets” official audio

Stream/download “Lost Me to the Streets” by Dumaka:

From the poignant opening line, “my mama lost me to the streets”, it’s clear that rapper Dumaka isn’t shying away from keeping it honest on his newly released single entitled “Lost Me to the Streets” produced by BabyFeez. The piano and percussion infused production helps paint a vivid picture of the street life and obstacles that the Bay area rapper faced to get to the top. Now, based in Atlanta, Dumaka is remaining consistent in unapologetically sharing his past experiences through his music. 

While this won’t be on his forthcoming project releasing in February, Dumaka is using this record as a glance into his versatile style that ranges from trap heavy to pop and melodic sounds. After meeting BabyFeez through mutual friends, the duo were able to curate what can be considered a hustler’s anthem to add to Dumako’s arsenal of music with “Lost Me to the Streets”. 

Whether BabyFeez is providing the beat or not, Dumaka has a sound that’s hard to miss and fans have come to love his honesty. He plans to keep the releases coming in the new year with his track “Siamese” following this one along with a series of new visuals and records to hold fans over until the project drops.

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