FLETCHER shares her highly awaited new EP THE S(EX) TAPES — a collection of boldly realized pop songs about finding your forever person before you find yourself and needing to explore the parts of you that remain unknown as a result. Released via Capitol Records, THE S(EX) TAPES gives fans an unfiltered look into FLETCHER’s... Continue Reading →

FLETCHER Debuts “Forever” Sophie Remix

FLETCHER released the “Forever” remix by GRAMMY® nominated artist/producer SOPHIE (Charli XCX, Kim Petras). Download/stream HERE.  The anthemic single has already amassed over 15 million streams worldwide.  FLETCHER boldly expresses her desire to be young and carefree with head-ticking choreography in her femme-fronted video. Watch it HERE.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KxRSGCg7Vg&src=Linkfire&lId=e83806d8-a6f6-4a0a-a6d0-bce034347d03&cId=d3d58fd7-4c47-11e6-9fd0-066c3e7a8751 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPe5iAE9qww&src=Linkfire&lId=c7933c89-8c11-426c-8d5c-dbccb7fb4fd0&cId=1f3b0af4-1f64-49b5-9848-7d1b3c9a4c3e Rolling Stone notes, the track finds her wishing to “pause true love…[balancing] her feelings of potentially... Continue Reading →

FLETCHER Releases “Bitter” With Kito

Today, FLETCHER released “Bitter,” her highly-anticipated collaboration with acclaimed producer/songwriter Kito. The track is available now via Capitol Records, download / stream HERE.  Watch the provocative video which FLETCHER directed, HERE. https://open.spotify.com/album/6fTixD3wa49HURf4vEWzaT Produced during quarantine over FaceTime, FLETCHER co-wrote “Bitter” several months ago with Kito and Mary Weitz (a close friend who also attended The Clive Davis... Continue Reading →

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