RCA’s Freddie Dredd Breaks The Mold In Claymation Video For “DARKO”

With nods to cult films Donnie Darko and Beetlejuice, Freddie Dredd's "DARKO" is a tale of inner demons and alternate dimensions. A demon is lurking in the background, as Freddie's claymation self is possessed to take down a seedy TV preacher. Freddie's world ominously switches from light to dark, as he walks through the TV screen on a... Continue Reading →

Freddie Dredd Is All Thrill In “GTG” Music Video

Welcome to the world premiere of "GTG," starring RCA's very own Freddie Dredd. With nods to Dexter and a taste of Hannibal Lecter, Freddie Dredd perfects the crime scene of his latest lyrical victim in the "GTG" music video. It's gory, vicious, and oozing with the rapper-producer's knack for cinematic flair. Rapping, "Freddie bright, b*tch / Murk a f*cking... Continue Reading →

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