Pacman Da Gunman & Hit-Boy Release “Ask God” Visual Feat. Yhung T.O.

Pacman Da Gunman is a spiritual man, throughout his life he’s experienced plenty of blessings, joy and loss. Today, however, he asks his creator an assortment of questions with the help of frequent collaborator Yhung T.O. on a track called “Ask God”. The track produced by Hit-Boy is from their collaborative album ‘Bulletproof Soul’ which was released March 31st. Roughly three weeks later, they release the King Spencer directed visual, which shows Pacman stepping inside a church looking for refuge and solace while Yhung T.O. is inside a big spacious warehouse later being joined by Pacman. 


Pacman Da Gunman & Hit-Boy New Album “Bulletproof Soul”

Above everything else, Pacman da Gunman is a man of principle with a bulletproof belief system. The South Central rapper will never do something just to do it, everything is calculated and intentional, nothing is forced. When Pacman connected with Hit-boy the musical chemistry was undeniable. Having heard the classic records like “Racks In The Middle” Hit created with Nipsey Hussle in the past, and Pac being Nip’s protege, the fit was natural. The two began working on a then untitled project, producing nearly twenty songs and eventually choosing the best nine. To say Hit-Boy was in his zone would be an understatement, this project was being recorded at Chalice Studios during the same time Nas was recording Kings Disease. Pac knew when he left the studio God’s Son was coming in right after him and he wouldn’t allow his sessions to be any less prolific.

‘Bulletproof Soul’ is a powerful statement made by Pacman da Gunman to stake his claim at the top of the West Coast rap food chain. A man with a teflon reputation, lyrics and flow to match. The album is named after one of his favorite songs by Sade, and as a reference to Nipsey’s lyrics on Victory Lap “Hunnit proof flow, run and shoot pro, 458 drop, playing Bullet Proof Soul”. The nine track album takes you on a ride from brash gangster rap on “Banging Late” and “Cold Nights on 60th St” to braggadocious tracks like “New Heat” with J Stone, to relatable relationship songs “Find a Balance” with Dom Kennedy and lastly vivid storytelling on “Till We Meet Again” which details his point of view on March 31st 2019 when his dear friend and mentor Nipsey Hussle was slain outside the Marathon Store. March 31st isn’t a day of celebration, but a day of reflection and 3 years later, with Hit-Boy and Pacman releasing an incredible body of work, it is clear the marathon continues.

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Hit-Boy & Pacman Da Gunman Release “Not Your Average” Visual

Pacman da Gunman and Hit-Boy continues his Bulletproof Soul campaign, with another visual release. This time it’s for the introductory track “Not Your Average”, directed by King Spencer. In this video, you follow Pacman as he embarks on a typical night in Los Angeles from downtown high-rises, sliding up streets in a Mercedes S Class, studio sessions, and more. Pac and Hit’s collaborative project “Bulletproof Soul” releases March 31st. 

Hit-Boy, Pacman Da Gunman & Peezy Promote Disobedience On New Single “Told Us Not To Do It” 

Pacman da Gunman and Hit-Boy are on and rolling. The West Coast’s best new rapper-producer duo look to capitalize off the success of their first single “Find a Balance” featuring Dom Kennedy with a brand new single from their forthcoming project “Bulletproof Soul”. The second single “Told Us Not To Do It” features Detroit’s underground rap pillar Peezy and has both him and Pacman propagating disobedience in order to obtain a plethora of paper. Hit-Boy’s enthralling production is score-worthy, setting the scene for Pacman to spew lyrics such as “got a hundred on my neck, spent a dub on the watch and the time always wrong, but the grind never stop”. Peezy predicates more slick talk with “seen alotta sh*t, but I ain’t saying sh*t, police on a n**** head, I be on gang shit, couple M’s couldn’t change me I’m on the same sh*t”. 

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Hit-Boy, Dom Kennedy & Pacman Da Gunman “Find a Balance”

Pacman da Gunman of All Money In is like all of us, although he’s an extremely successful indie artist, he’s also constantly searching for a balance with work, relationships and responsibilities. In his latest single “Find a Balance” he expounds on this theme with the help of Los Angeles legend Dom Kennedy over dulcet Hit-Boy production. Dom delivers an exceptional verse about relationships proclaiming “back and forth with a b*tch, nah I ain’t the one, Earl’s on a Saturday I wanna feel the love”.  Pacman raps, “you see us running out of time, we gotta find a balance, you think I’m on some bullshit, I’m with Hit at Chalice”. The Crenshaw District native is referencing the infamous Hollywood studio (Chalice Recordings) Hit-Boy uses as his headquarters, churning out multiple projects with the likes of Nas, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy plus others, resulting in multiple Grammys and critical acclaim in the past few years.

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