Internet Money’s Rot Ken Celebrates First Day Out With JetsonMade-Produced Single, “Rollin”

Georgia rapper Rot Ken is a leader in his state’s new wave. Celebrating his recent release from jail in his own signature style, Ken shares “Rollin,” a new video single. Produced by JetsonMade, the new song combines angelic synth arpeggios and dramatic piano with Jetson’s trademark trampoline 808s, providing a platform for Ken to pontificate about his environment and air his grievances.

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DC The Don Shares the JetsonMade-Produced “REROUT3” Single

A versatile talent capable of soaring hooks and rapidfire rhymes, DC The Don contains multitudes.Showing off his rhyming talent in a flex-heavy new video single, DC shares REROUT3,” from his upcoming album My Own Worst 3nemy. Produced by hitmaker JetsonMade, who lends his signature trampoline 808s, “REROUT3” is a high-energy anthem, as the 22-year-old rapper skates atop blown-out synths with a melodic flow and an audible grin: “She like really fast cars, I went and bought me an Audi.” The “REROUT3” video benefits from DC’s fondness for visual inventiveness, showing the rapper as he navigates a hall of mirrors, shakes his red dreads during a CGI thunderstorm, and dances by himself in front of a white background. The video is a direct follow-up to  WHAT NOW?, which has over 1 million plays on SoundCloud after reaching #3 on SC’s New & Hot chart, and arrives in the wake of the boy-band-influenced Notice Me,” the devilish Megalodon” and The Sandlot-homaging Ghost Rider.” 

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wifisfuneral’s JetsonMade-Produced “CC Demon” Plunges Into His Paranoid Mind

He’s a willing experimenter and a connoisseur of bass-heavy instrumentals, but wifisfuneral is a natural emcee at heart. Flexing his lyrical muscles over a beat from JetsonMade, wifi shares CC Demon,” his new single. Working his auto-tuned flow atop Jetson’s trademark trampoline 808s, wifi falls into a toxic relationship, giving into attraction and plunging headfirst into his latest affair without dwelling on the potential consequences: “I was lost in the past, finding you was a mission,” says wifi. “CC Demon” is the latest single from Smoking Mirrorswifi’s upcoming EP, following Where I’m Going” and its haunting music video.

The follow-up to his acclaimed 2020 project PAIN?, the Smoking Mirrors EP is a wavy and tuneful trip into wifi’s mind, confronting his demons head on. The EP juxtaposes wifi’s dark night of the soul ruminations with in-depth examinations of wifi’s romantic entanglements, delivered in twisty, melodic flows. A speaker-knocking blend of his old and new styles, the 7-track Smoking Mirrors releases this Friday, May 28th, via Alamo Records.

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Beanz Gets “Crackin” With a JetsonMade-Produced Single

Rising rapper Beanz has a fierce attitude, show-stopping charisma, and a voice that leaps out of the speakers and delivers a smack in the mouth. Taking no prisoners on her new single, the Reading, Pennsylvania native shares Crackin. Fearlessly attacking thumping 808s and whirring flutes, courtesy of hitmaking producer JetsonMade, Beanz spits some real talk about relationships, making it very clear that she’s not somebody who will be used or use her body to get ahead: “Half of you b*tches is dyin’ out/Beggin for n****s to fly you out/Makin your money by lyin down/F*ck is you sitting here lyin’ bout?” As the song proceeds, the former Rhythm & Flow contestant assures the listening public that she’s destined for stardom: “I will never let this sh*t change me/I had to get it no matter the plan/I was just lucky to have me a chance/I made them b*tches get madder again.”

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Highway2009 Releases New Project “The Way”

Seattle, WA native Highway2009 establishes his rising name in his latest project, “The Way,” which features Billboard-charting producer Jetsonmade. The piece serves as an introduction to his pursuit of redefining legendary. The most significant component of “The Way” is Highway’s suave voice. The smooth cadence in his tone is a breath of fresh air that establishes his individuality. Tracks such as “Wait Up” escort the listener to a path of magical acoustics surrounded by 808 beats. Not only is his sound noteworthy, but his lyrics also express the confidence he created within himself. Tracks such as “Havin My Way” and “Last Man Standing” exemplify the journey of staying true to oneself.

Highway’s leading single, “Another Plane,” was assisted with visuals on YouTube and accumulated over 9K streams in two weeks. The visuals are flashy and offer viewers a peek into his lifestyle, in addition to the lyrics explaining his focus as an artist and where he is headed. 

“The Way” is the first project executive produced by Jetsonmade has some notable names on each track, such as producer and recording artist Ye Ali, Internet Money members Nick Mira & John Luther, and many more. The project lends a distinct sound and takes listeners on a euphoric journey.

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Seddy Hendrinx Releases New Visual for “Run It Up” Featuring G Herbo and Jetsonmade

Generation Now/Asylum Records artist, Seddy Hendrinx, releases his latest visual for “Run It Up” featuring G Herbo, on his birthday. The song, which comes from his last EP release, Say Less, is directed by Chidiebere Udogwu. In the video, Seddy, Super-Producer Jetsonmade and G Herbo are seen in black and white, with luxury cars and cash to go along with the lyrics.

Seddy has been quickly gaining attention from the music industry with his undeniable raps and beats. Complex Magazine named Seddy as one of the top artists to watch for 2021, alongside some of todays hottest acts in music. Seddy is also gearing up for another EP set to release later this year.

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YouTube Premier Kartíer Kush – Cake (Prod. by JetsonMade)[Hosted by DJ Marc B]


Kartíer Kush is one of the bright faces coming up in southern hip-hop. The South Carolina native’s wordplay, trap lyricism, & variety of deliveries is setting him aside from your average local pop-up artist. Kush made his debut with some of the biggest name in underground, trap music with co signs from GambinoATL, HoodrichKeem, DJ Iceberg, and a few others. Some of Kush’s biggest inspirations and influences for his own music are amongst only the greats such as Nas, Andre 3000, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Future, & R. Kelly. Since he was 9 years old he’s been around music and studios, but it wasn’t until his senior year in highschool when he caught attention of potential fans enough to gain a buzz to launch his rap career. He has a few notable single out there such as “Shooter” which features other RichKarolina label mates, Oochie & Scottie Sippen, and also a distinct female vocalist who goes by “Dria”, who gives off the impression of a upcoming Trina or Lil Kim, but overall a good record. Kartìer says some of his favorite artist aaare to listen to currently are Future, Cinco, 21, Thug, Drake, Dolph, & StrapDaFool. He say “if I could I would like to work with Drake, 3000, really anyone who reaches out to me to work”.

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