Mimika Drops ‘My Feelings Hurt’ Mixtape

Mimika has always been a sucker for stories. Raised in a rural area of Ontario, the songstress spent her early years writing stories, poems and scripts.

Brand new release, My Feelings Hurt, is the second instalment in her new micro-mixtape series. The series is meant to capture some of the most intimate and important times in Mimika‘s life with a focus on two or three distinct emotions within each collection.

My Feelings Hurt : https://levelmusic.lnk.to/MyFeelingsHurt

A “Civil War” By Mimika

“I first fell in love with writing as a child, penning countless scripts, poems and stories. Right before entering my teenage years, I began transitioning into songwriting. Having recently turned 20, I’m so excited to start a succession of new music that all leads up to the release of my debut EP early next year! Writing “Civil War” was insanely cathartic for me.Sitting down at the piano, it felt like something came over me. The entire song came out in one shot. It was as if my body subconsciously had been waiting to let the feelings out and that day it finally just happened. You can do the most amazing job holding it together and giving the most perfect version of yourself to the world when on the inside you’re really hurting. The inner and outer you don’t need to always see eye to eye and that’s what “Civil War” focuses on. I work hard to be positive and put good energy out into the universe, but that doesn’t mean that nothing else is going on. I want you to walk away from “Civil War” with your head held high!There will always be somebody out there who truly gets it.”

xo All my love, Mimika

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