#PreciseInterview: @Ckhid Over 25 Million Views and is even performing across the U.S.

PreciseEarz(PE): what made you decide to start a rap career, knowing how hard it is?

C.KHiD(CK): I never thought about it. I just did it. My mom wrote poetry and showed me how to do it. That and all kinds of art. This started before I was in the 1st grade and went on forever. I got to learn about music through my sister who kept all the latest. At some point I just started enjoying writing over beats…. 2pac, Usher, Bad Boy, & other stars had me proud to be Black & Urban.. and I just gravitated to kicking poetry over the beats.

(PE): Who are your biggest inspirations as an artist?

(CK): I like studying legends of all music genres. Timeless & multi-talented artists. 2pac is probably my favorite. After that.. things change up time to time but I’ve had deep interests in of Bob Marley, The Beatles, Elvis, Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Marvin Gaye, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, and Bruno Mars.

(PE): If you could pick 3 people to collab with, who would they be and why?

(CK):Jay Z, Bruno Mars, and Romeo Santos. There’s a million I could list here but I think Jay and Romeo (and Aventura) are bigger than music to their culture, in ways most do not even recognize. But they did it while still representing music that came from the places hardest oppressed. Bruno Mars, he’s still fresh on the scene and just an amazing, sure to be timeless, musician.

(PE): Who would be your favorite 3 artists to tour with?

(CK): Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Drake or Kendrick Lamar. I’d learn so much from just watching their sets while having to challenge myself to reach new heights.

(PE): What are your plans for your next album? Any features to look forward to?

(CK): The next album is on the way. “Wow, a Black Kid With 2 Parents” is the name. It’s a banger all the way through. I’ve recorded for over 1 year to put this together. Out of probably 100 songs recorded, I’ve pieced together a powerful 16 track masterpiece. Really dope. The production is crazy. Serious basslines, snares, and a few with really solid melody pitched in.

(CK): ames wise, I worked with Carlos Paez aka Dres’more from the Quad/Premier Studios up in NYC on everything. He engineered the entire album and aided the driving of emotion into the music.

Other production was just as flamed. Dopant Beats outta Providence (RI), J. Dope from Ohio, Scooly from Ear Drummers/Mike Will Made It (Rae Sremmurd’s posse) down in Atlanta (via LA), Maxamillion from Germany, and KidFlash from the Netherlands contributed serious beats.

Rap wise, Leeksta2G and Eli4Music are of course on the ‘Wow A Black Kid With 2 Parents’ album. That’s the #TeamCKHiD family. They are always just giving raw lyricism and young energy.

Developing singer, Leah Judge is on ‘WABKW2P.’ She’s collaborating on a Hip-Pop record called “Come On, Lets Go.” For those that need soul, I have a track titled “Affluent and Misunderstood.’ South Carolina soul singer ‘D.C.’ sent chills to everyone in the studio while delivering the chorus on this.

Just a lot of dope music. You get every bit of me in this. A dude who visited everywhere from Harlem to Hollywood Hills in Cali, down to Ozama in the Dominican Republic. A guy who knows the streets but still wears Ferragamo loafers low key, stunting on those who are educated on what a real life is about. Living life twice as well as people with 4 times as much. Comfortable almost anywhere.

Since 2009, I’ve been stringing together albums and this is a special album for me. How I’m working and where I’m working made a lot of difference. Shout outs Tree Sounds in ATL and Premier in NYC.

(PE): how do you think the city you’re from influenced your music?

(CK): My city made me. I love what it made me. It taught me how to move in a room full of vultures or gorillas. It keeps me grounded in my soul, carrying it in my heart. Why? Because where I’m from, Mauldin or Greenville-South Carolina, what I’m doing is seen as impossible. Read the Kevin Garnett story if you think i’m lying. But having all those barriers made me have an infinite drive.

(PE): Who are your favorite artists right now and favorite projects?

(CK): Favorite artists right now… Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Bruno Mars off top. I still listen to anything NC rapper Panama GAT puts out. Nicki Minaj is special. A lot of 1 hit wonders get me flamed. Projects wise, Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar’s latest albums are incredible bodies of work.

(PE): Favorite producers?

(CK): My favorite producers are those people I work with. Dres’more, whenever he has a tune that has building emotion in the music,is just raw to me. Dopant Beats and J.Dope are going to blow the roof off rap when I get on. KidFlash always gets me with some crazy soulful sounds.


BTS Footage: @TommySwisherTM – #DrunkInAtlanta (Video Shoot)

Photo by: @DNickNBDMG

Artist Tommy Swisher had a great video shoot for his single “Drunk In Atlanta” this track is heating up Atlanta fast. Tommy Swisher brought out the entire Nawfside to this private Atlanta Location. The video was shot by Dre and man he had alot of bodies laying on the floor for some great shot. Nothing but a party for this video. Get ready to see this crazy vision. It’ll be everywhere stay tuned!

Behind the scenes 1
Photo by: @DNickNBDMG

Photo by: @DNickNBDMG

@FrvrWstd – WSTD WKND (Video Vlog)

Check out Frvr Wstd as they Mob their show getting trippy and performing. This is the first installment to their video vlogs. Stay Tuned and support FRVR WSTD



#BrandNew: Presented By @PreciseEarz: @5starvintage Online Promo Video

Video Directed By @SeanWuzy

PreciseEarz.com and 5 Star Vintage got together to do this online promo video to showcase their clothing. In the mist of all that. We invited some of Atlanta top notch underground artist out. Check out memeber of OGG @TheoFerragamo, @JerZ_RRR, @TheCoolismac, and @TommySwisherTm. This online promo video shows that anything you go thru in life make sure you smile and stay fresh. The track is produced by E.Wonder

Make sure you visit PreciseEarz.com for all the latest in music and hip hop news. Also check out 5starvintage.com

#EarzDaStreetz: Rick Ross Confirms That Meek Mill’s “Dreams Worth More Than Money” Album Will Be Delayed

Look like the philly maybach music group artist Meek Mill didnt catch a break. With still in jail Rick Ross decided to push back his album. Its not personal its just a business move.

Ross’ full statement can be read below.

MMG and Meek Mill have decided to release’ ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ at a future date. In true MMG fashion, Meek has dedicated himself to perfecting his sophomore project and it is only right that it should be rolled out exceptionally well. MMG also wants his fans to know that Meek is doing great and he wants to hear from you. So write him at.

CEC Hoffman Hall
3950B D Steet
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Robert Williams
PP# 892643

In the meantime, keep looking out for new music from the project, keep supporting Meek and KEEP DREAMING! #MMG4LIFE.

[via MTV]

@PreciseEarz Clip Of The Day

@PreciseEarz.com: Dj Holiday #Holipalooza (Recap)

dame logo

PreciseEarz.com had a great time at the DJ Holiday Holipalooza Concert in Gwinnett. He came and brought a show to the gwinnett area. DJ Holiday brought out the industry best. Mike Fresh, Kap-G, Sonny Digital, Mike Will Made It, and more.. We were live in effect at the event with the camera rolling.

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