Founder Of SHEEN Magazine & Co-Founder OF Chapman Products Company Featured In Vogue Magazine

Founder of SHEEN Magazine and co-founder of Chapman, Products Inc. Mrs. Kimberly M. Chapman has a lot to celebrate. She is a “Black Doll” featured in the prestigious Vogue Magazine.  
Possessing the perfect combination of beauty, ambition, and intelligence, Chapman, amongst many, was selected by The Black Doll Affair™ committee to be a “Black Doll.”  Founder Dana Hill says, “After seeing the results of the 2007’ doll test,’ where children pointed out the black doll as bad, I immediately saw the need to change how little Black girls perceived themselves and how they were perceived.  We all have seen research confirming that Black women are often not considered beautiful.  Therefore, The Black Doll Affair’s primary goal is to change that narrative internationally.” Hill continues, “We wanted corporations to engage with us.  Thus, we entered into experiences to target international demographics in the world’s most high-profile magazines.  It’s been ten years since our start, so I wanted to do something different. We’ve done Vogue four times, been a feature on Oprah, seen in Vanity Fair, Essence, SHEEN Magazine, and looking toward Cosmo.  This time our Vogue Magazine placement is not a partnership; it’s a promise fulfilled showcasing the absolute best in beauty, intelligence, grace, and philanthropy. Mrs. Kimberly Chapman is a member of our newest class.  We certainly are glad to have her.”

SHEEN Magazine Announces Kristyn Harris As The New Editor-In-Chief

Internationally known, SHEEN Magazine is excited to announce Kristyn Harris as the new Editor-in-Chief.  Harris is a Greenville, SC native, a graduate of Lander University, considered an expert in media, beauty, fashion, and entertainment, and ready for the task.  If you don’t know who she is, you will. 
Starting as a “Trade Journalist” during undergraduate school, Harris was proud to book a job as the Web Content Editor for SHEEN Magazine upon graduation.  As a result of hard work and dedication, it was not long before Harris was promoted to Managing Editor.  When considering additional career advancement, this millennial knew “putting the work in” was essential and now felt ready for the next level.  With Founder and Publisher, Mrs. Kimberly Chapman taking notice, Harris garnered the highly coveted position of Editor-in-Chief for SHEEN Magazine.  Harris says, “I am fascinated with the inner workings of media and all things entertainment.  It’s a dream and honor to combine media with beauty, hair, fashion, and lifestyle.”  She goes on to say, “I love highlighting trendsetters and newsmakers to an eclectic group of people.  I also want to inspire positive international change, one word, one sentence, or one story at a time.”
As Editor-in-Chief, Harris will oversee all departments for SHEEN Magazine. 
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Meet William P. Chapman, III – The New Publisher For SHEEN Magazine

SHEEN Magazine announces the promotion of William P. Chapman III to Publisher of SHEEN Magazine. With a proven track record of maximizing revenue, profit and creating high-quality content for the publication, the millennial master strategist and visionary takes his rightful place at the helm of the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the modern-day woman (a global leader in media). 
With an eye for fashion and the desire to change the landscape of media, businessman and bachelor William P. Chapman, III, is ready to continue the success of SHEEN Magazine built by his mother (previous Publisher Mrs.

Kimberly M. Chapman). Although this millennial grew up in a wildly successful family, you might assume William didn’t pay his dues. However, he began his career as a teen within the Chapman conglomerate. With a creative mind and the spirit of an entrepreneur, William worked hard within the organization. His innovative marketing and sales strategies helped increase the ROl’s (return on investments) internationally, earning him various promotions. As a result of his efforts, William has now accepted the Publisher position of SHEEN Magazine.
“We are thrilled to have a visionary like William leading SHEEN Magazine at such a historical time because he understands the brand,” says Kimberly Chapman. 

She continues, “William has always been an innovator and knows how to create roadmaps that inspire fresh content from newsworthy influencers while still being the voice of a new generation.”
Although changes are usually expected when a company has a new principle, William Chapman states, “My mission is to continue with what made the magazine a premier media platform. Yet, expect some bold new flavoring with an enhanced digital twist from my gen-y perspective.” He continues, “SHEEN has an international influence in beauty, fashion, music, and entertainment content. Thus, we have a fantastic team of worldwide correspondents that will share a bird’s-eye view of the most highly anticipated (and talked about) celebrity and community events. Also, look out for SHEEN Media Group too. Not only does SMG produce SHEEN Magazine and the SHEEN Awards, but our production company is well-known for creating (and producing) television shows, concerts, fashion events, and other major projects in the south.”  
As Publisher, William Chapman will oversee all SHEEN Magazine and Sheen Media Group departments.
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The 7th Annual SHEEN Magazine Awards Made its Debut on FOX SOUL with a Celebrity Red Carpet Screening in Atlanta

On Thursday, October 22, SHEEN Magazine hosted the 7th Annual SHEEN Magazine private screening on FOX SOUL and a live after-party at the Sheraton Hotel in beautiful downtown Atlanta, Georgia. 

Celebrity guests who walked the “Red Carpet” were treated to explosive performances and experienced unparalleled networking at the exclusive after-party.

Special guests who walked the “Red Carpet” includes Kimberly Chapman (Founder of SHEEN Magazine/Producer of the SHEEN Awards), FOX SOUL Executive Lee Bowen, David Prince Conley (Flutist and Founding Member of Multi-Platinum R & B Group Surface), Cast Member of BMF and Hip Hop Artist LiL Zane, Ricky Dillard (Multi-Grammy Nominated/Steller Award Winner), Steller Award Winner/Dove Nominee Gospel Singer Keith Wonderboy Johnson, TC Carson (Actor Formerly of Living SIngle), Gary with da Tea (Air Personality on the Rickey Smiley Show/Dish Nation), James Worthy (Multi-Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter), Javon Johnson (Actor on Tyler Perry’s The Oval), D. Bottz (Multi-Grammy Nominated Producer/Musician, Rothstein Beatz (Influencer/Producer), and many more.

SHEEN Magazine’s 7th Annual SHEEN Awards To Air On Fox Soul October 21st

SHEEN Magazine, the ultimate beauty guide for the modern-day woman, announced that the SHEEN Awards (formerly Kimmie Awards) will air on FOX SOUL, the Black community’s premiere free streaming platform serving unapologetically Black, consumable by all content 365 days a year, on October 21 at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. This year, the 7th Annual SHEEN Awards will shift to a hybrid experience to implement the highest COVID-19 guidelines with FOX SOUL streaming both pre-recorded segments and the official live after-party. 
“FOX SOUL’s audience aligns well with our community, reaching over 45 million viewers,” said SHEEN Magazine Publisher William P. Chapman, III.  Founder of SHEEN Magazine, Mrs. Kimberly Chapman, added, “FOX SOUL celebrates the black culture while dealing with real topics that impact the everyday lives of the black community that matches the vision I had in mind when I created SHEEN Magazine, especially in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries.”
FOX SOUL’s General Manager and Head of Programming, James DuBose, said, “I’m extremely proud of the strategic partnerships with top black creatives we have executed in the past year at FOX SOUL, including Sheen Magazine.  We’re delighted to stream the SHEEN Awards and highlight ‘Black Excellence’ in their respective fields.”
An incredible team of your favorite well-known influencers will host the SHEEN Awards.  Also, be prepared for an unbelievable performance by rising star singer/songwriter Muni Long (co-writer of Rihanna’s “California King Bed,” Pitbull and Kesha’s “Timber,” Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It,” and Selena Gomez’s “Who Says” among others) and 2019 Fan-favorite R&B duo Ruff Endz is returning to grace the stage too.  The newly formed Marketing and Production Division of SHEEN Magazine, SHEEN Media Group, will debut the SHEEN Soundstage Cypher featuring the brilliant talent performers from the 2020/2021 season.  Honoring the 20-year career of legendary producer Zaytoven with the “Trailblazer Award” will also be part of the celebration.  Last (but certainly not least), the winners from the national polls for “Creative Artist of the Year” in Hair, Beauty, Influencer, and Photography will be announced.
FOX SOUL will air the 7th Annual Sheen Awards on October 21 on YouTube TV and YouTube, as well as the FOX SOUL app and website, Samsung TV, ROKU, Tubi, website, mobile apps, and more.

SHEEN Magazine Continues The Annual SHEEN Awards Virtually

Optimistically, on the other side of a worldwide pandemic, SHEEN Magazine’s annual SHEEN Awards (formerly Kimmie Awards) is back and excited to celebrate the “Southeast’s” biggest night.  For 2021, the SHEEN Awards were shifted to a hybrid experience to implement the highest covid-19 standards.  Most of the show has pre-recorded segments for network streaming purposes to extend the reach and engagement via enhanced technologies. 
Founder of SHEEN Magazine Kimberly M. Chapman says, “2020 kept most isolated or left with little to celebrate.  Many of us instantaneously had to reimagine our lives or face a new normal. So, I am thrilled we can offer a diversion.  Hopefully, viewers will enjoy the entertainment and virtually join us in the tribute to our honorees while celebrating our winners.”  
This highly anticipated affair is scheduled to stream Thursday, October 21, 2021, at 7:00 pm eastern (network TBA).  Be prepared to see performances by singer/songwriter Muni Long and R&B duo Ruff Endz.  At the same time, the newly formed Marketing and Production Division of SHEEN Magazine, SHEEN Media Group, will debut the SHEEN Soundstage Cypher featuring the brilliant talent performers from the 2020/2021 season.  Honoring the 20-year career of legendary producer Zaytoven with the “Trailblazer Award” will also be part of the celebration. Last (but certainly not least), the winners from the national polls for “Creative Artist of the Year” in Hair, Beauty, Influencer, and Photography will be announced.
SHEEN Magazine Publisher William P. Chapman, III offers, “The 2021 list of phenomenal honorees and nominees was definitely worth the wait and still worthy of national recognition.  As we have done in previous shows, we will spotlight ‘Incredible’ individuals who are the ‘Elite’ in their prospective industries.  Please celebrate with us and witness our cutting-edge tributes to your favorite influencers.”  

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