Rising Florida Rapper Skyxxx Releases Warner Records Debut EP ‘MADHOUSE’

After garnering praise from American SongwriterUPROXXHipHopDX, and more, buzzing Florida rapper Skyxxx unleashes his anxiously awaited major label debut EP MADHOUSE. Get it HERE via Warner Records. To celebrate the project’s arrival, Skyxxxwill take over Rap Nation‘s Instagram account tonight from 8:30pm–9pm PT. Tune in HERE.

Skyxxx set the stage for the eight-track project with a series of unpredictable and undeniable bangers, including the title track “MADHOUSE,” which he performed at UPROXX Studios. Skyxxx‘s latest visual for “14 GRAMZ” [feat. Valee] also received plugs from HipHopDXElevator Magazine, and more for its psychedelic presentation and bombastic blunts.

Elsewhere on the EP, Skyxxx pulls up with laidback rhymes over a glassy beat on “Robbery” [feat. Guapdad4000]. Meanwhile, “My Way cruises along, showcasing Skyxxx‘s unwavering bravado over simmering cymbals. The EP culminates on “Garlic Knots” [feat. Danny Towers]. Punctuated by machine gun samples, skittering production, and lines about “Autobots, it highlights an intense and infectious back-and-forth between the two artists. See the full tracklisting below.

Stream: https://skyxxx.lnk.to/EPMadhouse


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Emerging Florida Rapper SKYXXX Releases Trippy “14 GRAMZ” Video

Buzzing Florida rapper Skyxxx unveils a trippy, off the wall video for his latest track “14 GRAMZ [feat. Valee]. Shot in a traditional suburban home in Los Angeles, California, the GoodBoyShady-directed visual parodies the classic 1960s American sitcom. Skyxxx spits bars through a vintage television set while a seemingly wholesome, middle-class family of three is gradually overtaken by jumbo sized blunts. The grainy, telescope filter only exaggerates the comic effect. Watch the “14 GRAMZ” video HERE 

With his Warner Records debut EP MADHOUSE set to arrive on August 21, Skyxxx’s “14 GRAMZ” follows the release of his title track “MADHOUSE,” which garnered press coverage from HipHopDX, UPROXX, American Songwriter, and more. Check out the MADHOUSE tracklist below. Skyxxx capped off 2019 with singles “Chicken Dinner” (in collaboration with EDM powerhouse Party Favor) and “Hotboy” as well as a string of tracks exclusively released on SoundCloud and Audiomack earlier this year—namely, “ALOT [feat. 458KEEZ], “SHE A FREEK [feat. NELL], and “OUT HERE” [feat. WIFISFUNERAL]. 


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#BeforeTheFame | Skyxxx Breaks Down His Past Music, Linking Up With DJ Party Favor, “MadHouse” EP Coming July 31st & More

Today on #BeforeTheFame we got up with New Jersey-born, Orlando-raised Dominican rapper Skyxxx. He founded and created The Swamp Posse – an Orlando-based rap collective that became a household name in the Florida rap scene. Skyxxx made his major label debut in August with the release of “Hotboy” via Warner Records and also did a remix to suck song with NLE Choppa. At the end of 2019 the Orlando rapper linked up powerhouse EDM DJ Party Favor to release a two-song bundle with “Chicken Dinner” and “Hoot.”

Skyxxx is readying for his “MadHouse” EP with Warner Records on July 31st. Listen below to hear about the world of Skyxxx!

Damian: So were it moving from New Jersey to Florida?

Skyxxx: I was just born in New York. We left when I was like two years two Jersey. Guess where I grew up, our home to. Another after the Twin Towers happened. We came the weekend in Florida.

Damian: Was that a big impact on your family?

Skyxxx: Oh, no, we didn’t leave because of it. It was just Florida was really cheap to move to. ] So it’s like you can live in a hood in Jersey. You’d be paying $2,500 month for an apartment and then be paying $1200 for an entire house in Florida. So that was like the case with my parents.

Damian: So when did the music scene started for you, in New Jersey or when you went to Orlando, Florida?

Skyxxx: In Jersey, I was I was still young when we moved to Florida. I was only 13, but I didn’t really do much musically. Around that time I just was freestyle as a kid, around the I went to school for a little bit. I went to this college for a little bit. And that’s when I found a studio and I first started recording. And that was when I was like 16, 17. And then I started taking it seious after my daughter was born in 2009.

Damian: So was it any type of hard transition from like freestyle and rapping to actually, like, making songs?

Skyxxx: Oh, yeah. It’s just a different it’s just a different writing process the way I see it. I read like freestyling and writing songs. It just depends what you’re doing. Like, see me, I freestyle to find the way I want to write, the way I want to write it down. So it’s like I find to be in freestyle to a to will kind of flow I want to use or its’ like I, I’m able to like check a bunch of different styles really quick and I pick which one of that sticks to me the most. And then I run with that.

Damian: Who is some on of your influences coming up making music?

Skyxxx: I didn’t really to be honest either. I was never heavily influenced by anybody like that. There’s people that I like, recognize and respect to music. It all started with the The Fugees and then Mobb Deep and Lauryn Hill, stuff like that. Those are people that to this day or or or musicians that I respect because that culture came before me. So, like all the culture now is different for me to look up to someone now, you know, a lot of people look up to people because of their success, like, yeah, those people success wise. I look up to a lot of motherfucker. You know, motherfuckers is making bread out here off of music. But musically, because I know where the last fifteen years of music comes from. So it’s like I’m like, really.

Damian: How did the Swamp Posse get created?

Skyxxx: I created it in 2012. I used to be part of this other group called Street Smart. Street Smart Music. I ended up doing my own thing. And where I live in Florida, is a lot of swamps around. So I made a crew, made a group and call it Swamp Posse.

Damian: I can listened to some of your older music from now, I can definitely hear the early New York influence?

Skyxxx: What older stuff?

Damian: The umm, “And Then The Moon Fell“.

Skyxxx: That’s hard.

Damian: I can tell you the tracks. ‘Politixxx’ , ‘2 Seaterr’ and ‘Red and Blue Lights.’

Skyxxx: That’s fire. You’re the first person to interview me. This had listened to that shit, so you’d be the only one like. In interviews, I’m usually talking about this. About what other music I make. Yeah. Other than Highboy. Stuff like that. You’re the first one to actually. I’ve already heard it. But yeah, those are those are my favorite projects. Those are my favorite. That’s my favorite lane. ‘Red and blue lights,’ that’s my favorite lane . I have a favorite later Ravid. Like I got what I’m working on call “Backyard.” And it’s like “Red and blue Light”. “Backyard. Backyard. About. The backyard first tiger, every shot, it goes in a backyard all the time, we have fires in the backyard and the backyard is being like literally, oh, just start to notice that the city influences climate.

Damian: You be spittin’. Listening to the older stuff from the newer stuff, I can hear the influences with the gloomy music.

Skyxxx: Well, to be honest, that’s actually older. All of that gloomy stuff comes from 2009, 2010 underground Florida, you know what I mean. And so, like, a lot of that shit is older. That’s what I like about now. Like the whole like the emo phase. Like I know where people painted their nails. I see that 2010 when Rocky was doing that. When I met Rocky. You say that chokers of those you know, all black, like everything is reincarnates itself. So you just got to find your pocket and all of it to where you could forever last. While all that is happening know because you could fuck around and just get lost. You know you can get lost.

Damian: Yeah people can get lost in the sauce.

Skyxxx: What if I were sitting here with a spike choker nails painted black shit like that. You’d be you’d be able to tell that’s not me. You’d be like, this is a dude trying to be trendy. He trained the shit like that. So it’s like if you pay attention to is all shit because back to dark gloomy. It’s actually an older version of me. You know, it’s actually the older version.

Damian: I just realized, can I live any unused that I’m listening for that I like to see way. This is my shit now. Like the other that you’re like this is my. I understand the traditional lane. When you sound like we say not on my side, we live it up. You know, people notice that was like to play some. Oh, that’s a real hip pop, right. I mean, that’s what that’s what ours is.

Skyxxx: But like I could say, I was inspired by because that’s something I didn’t see the process of becoming. So like all the new stuff. The reason why I could choose my voice or do that, the autotune type of shit, or switch it up, is because I’m experiencing all those classes of that changed. I lived through all of them. You know, the main one. What is is that because that’s the only part that naturally came. I didn’t just see happening.

Damian: So I see you and Caskey have like a real relationship. So how did that form because y’all have a lot of music together?

Skyxxx: Oh, well, we from Orlando. We’ve known each other for years to be honest. I knew him before he were signed. We did not actually start making music until after a few years he were already signed. And to be honest that dude, we just be freestyling. Everything we drop we just be freestyling. So he’s just like the homie.

Damian: I see real artistic with the cover art? is there a specific cartoon you like to use. Everything is real cartoonist? In your face and fun?

Skyxxx: Well to be real like I used to like how I looked before and I just don’t like, I don’t like how I look now. So it’s like I just would make everything a cartoon. So that really I don’t want to go and

Damian: I just try to see I covered it all just like some funny, like futuristic car, like some type of new character.

Skyxxx: Oh, I like you because it is the inner me to use like you could never be too old and like not to like Air Forces if you like. For like put up a basketball poster or like have a poster up in the wall or have a sticker on your laptop. There is no age that you can not do that.

Damian: I still put stickers on my laptop like a binder.

Skyxxx: So it’s like that’s that’s also why do the the the cartoons shit too. To show you like approach are you with. My music is creative, it’s full creative. It’s like this is like artists are you know, so like are all around there.

Damian: So while you on this Orlando splurge creating music, dropping music, doing shows when you felt like that that project or song that gave you the buzz that made started going for you?

Skyxxx: Oh, I really didn’t think the buzz did anything for me. We had something or we had a deal before there was for me. And then I convinced them to sign them to sign the Swamp Posse and we like working on our album, then fucking fell apart. You know, we all went our separate ways during the time. But. I don’t think the buzz is what got me here, I think is the attention of what I want out of this. I don’t care about going viral, like being famous or they wanted that or followers. Shit, I don’t even have 10000 followers yet. We we scored a song on a TV show on Fox Sports. So, like, that’s business side of this shit, too. So it’s like I just I just treat this shit different. So it’s like I got signed off of by potential and talent.

Yeah. So it’s different. So I don’t think the buzz like we did I had a buzz, we grew a buzz with Swamp Posse. We through tours and I and I have a buzz of our city. All of our shows do good there and everyone knows me there. But I don’t think I was meant to go that route. Like to blow up off a certain buzz or be hot and trendy.

Damian: Just grows gradually become like you have real hardcore fans, is gradually year by year trying to go up. Instead trying to have that signature song.

Skyxxx: Yeah, I mean I think that does. But I think that the way of I think that’s the way I gotta do it. Is that pop like make a record that pops off. You know what I’m saying you say it like it like a stamp. Leave a stamp not create a stamp.

Damian: So how did you and DJ Party Favor linked up together recently?

Skyxxx: That was through my boy TK. Oh he works. He’s an engineer.He does like movie stuff. He did the Wiz Khalifa documentaries and shit. And I’m just like this feature was slushy. I met the dude and he liked how I rap. He say you know I have a friend of mine that I want to hook you up with and it were Party Favor. We link up in the studio and literally made that track like in 15 minutes.

Damian:  It took me a while cause I the first time I listen to the track were at your single release party in L.A. and it took me a while to get into it, but I was fucked up and “Chicken Dinner” hits. That shit slaps. When you have some bass behind it, it’s cool if you dont but you really need the bass to hear it on the speakers.

Skyxxx: Exactly. And I know why where you would be. Like, it took a while for for me to because of what you like already with the music of mine you said you like. I could really see what about “Chicken Dinner” what about you would not like. Cause it’s the same thing to me. But then I know how to take that feeling out and be like this is what “Chicken Dinner” for though. You know what I’m saying and it’s for that fucked up you say like “winter winter chicken dinner.”

Damian: That’s why, while I’m listening to the lyrics and laughing at the same time but it’s slaps.

Skyxxx: That shit is corny as hell.

Damian: Corny wins though.

Skyxxx: But it was not purposely corny, it was like it was honestly a one take freestyle bro. I was ready to go back and write it and change words you say but no this is perfect.

Damian: I don’t have to like a song all the way to see why I can see other people can like and not. I some times take my critique out of it. I’m older, a new generation, i need to understand why certain people like the music.

Skyxxx: I mean a lot of it is because it’s not about being older. I feel like older or younger I feel like is what you mentally physically grown out of, a lot of that music, a lot of that music. How old are you?

Damian: 30

Skyxxx: So we’re the same age, so we grow up off that. It was cool to do drugs, music, so we grew up off that like. Nigg*s did coke and your boys look at you crazy.

Damian: Yeah we look at you as a junkie. I had to get use to the transition from Atlanta to La, I’m like people asking where the coke at. And I’m like where I’m from people do it but it’s behind the scenes. Don;t get so many people just ask in public.

Skyxxx: So that’s a difference now is that a lot of the music is drug. If groups say like that whole slurred safe flow, that that comes from a place where where people are at physically and mentally. And if you’re not there, your mind won’t accept it. Because you are just off that. And then you started getting you did that xanned out, now I see why it sounds like that. Yeah. But i don’t think it’s about age. I just think it’s about what you’re into in life at that moment. If you are not poppin’ Xans or drinking lean and getting fucked up like that. That is not gone hit you. And it’s not suppose to.

Damian: How did “Hot Boy” remix come together with you and NLE Choppa?

Skyxxx: That were through Warner and my management. They knew some connections between each others. Have mutual friends talked about it. Got it done.

Damian: The video. Dope ass shit. I don’t know who directed it. Funny as shit.

Skyxxx: I direct all my videos.

Damian: Broke in your house. Why the fuck you in my house? Wearig my clothes. That shit were dope. It show more of you. Sometimes your vision don’t show to other people until you put in a visual.

Skyxxx: I get that. It’s shows some of my personality. Yeah. I direct a lot of the videos and do co-direction with my friend Ben from Bright Minds. So I have a usual have a main idea that we go write it off that. And they either chop it down or work around it or change

Damian: So the future of this year coming up , any new music or anything you getting prepared for the year?

Skyxxx: I honestly want to let you hear it. You are really because you the first one like I’m really into that shit. You know, the fact that you listen to that like that, And “Then The Moon Fell” shit like this, that my face tattoos is all my music. You feel me. You know “When The Moon Fell” is my next one. You know what I’m saying and going to get the moon on my face cracked. You know what I’m saying. “And Then The Moon Fell” means a lot to me and say that whole project means like imagine you lose everything you have. You light to the world, you lose the sun. You living in pure darkness. Your moon become your sun. Imagine you lose that too. Then the moon fell so it’s like fuck, what are we going to do now?

Damian: I never thought about that. That’s dope. Yeah.

Skyxxx:Madhouse” the EP so we’ll probably drop a few singles maybe before everything try to get it to everyone before the summer for the summer. That’s was coming.

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Skyxxx Releases “14 Gramz” Feat. Valee, ‘MADHOUSE’ EP Arrives July 31st

Emerging Florida rapper Skyxxx is readying the release of his major-label debut EP MADHOUSE on July 31 with his new single “14 Gramz” [feat. Valee]. The track’s hard-hitting base blends perfectly with Skyxxx‘s raspy rhymes, while Valee’s bars complement the song’s trippy vibe. “14 Gramz” follows the release of Skyxxx’s title track “MADHOUSE,” which garnered press from HipHopDXUrban MagazineAmerican Songwriter, and more. Listen to “14 Gramz” [feat. Valee] HERE and check out the tracklist for MADHOUSE below.

Skyxxx capped off 2019 with singles “Chicken Dinner,” a collaboration with EDM powerhouse Party Favor, and “Hot Boy.” This year, Skyxxx gifted fans with a string of new tracks exclusively released on Soundcloud and Audiomack—namely, “ALOT [feat. 458KEEZ], “SHE A FREEK [feat. NELL], and “OUT HERE” [feat. WIFISFUNERAL]. Additionally, he has garnered widespread critical acclaim from Orlando WeeklyRESPECT Magazine, and more. Of the MADHOUSE EP, UPROXX predicted, “It is sure to be a true representation of the creative monster he is.


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Skyxxx Drops Trippy Video For New Single “MADHOUSE”

Today, emerging Florida rapper Skyxxx keeps the party rolling with his brand new video for “MADHOUSE” via Warner Records. The video follows Skyxxx as he roams through a trippy house party where later that night, police discover a dead body. “MADHOUSE” stands out as the title track of his forthcoming EP, MADHOUSE – coming soon! Watch the video HERE

 Skyxxx capped off 2019 with singles “Chicken Dinner,” a collaboration with EDM powerhouse Party Favor, and “Hot Boy.” This year, Skyxxx gifted fans with a string of new tracks exclusively released on Soundcloud and Audiomack—namely, “ALOT [feat. 458KEEZ], “SHE A FREEK [feat. NELL], and “OUT HERE” [feat. WIFISFUNERAL]. Additionally, he has garnered widespread critical acclaim from Orlando WeeklyRESPECT Magazine, and more. Of the MADHOUSE EP, UPROXX predicted, “It is sure to be a true representation of the creative monster he is.


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Emergin Florida Rapper SKYXXX Releases New Single “MADHOUSE”

East Coast-born and Orlando-based rapper Skyxxx unveils a brand new single entitled “MADHOUSE” today. Always the life of the party, Skyxxx‘s deft wordplay recalls a crazy night out that ends at a hotel with a dead body. “MADHOUSE” stands out as the title track of his forthcoming EP, MADHOUSE, set for release this summer on Warner Records. Be on the lookout for the music video soon!

Skyxxx capped off 2019 with singles “Chicken Dinner,” a collaboration with EDM powerhouse Party Favor, and “Hot Boy.” This year, Skyxxx gifted fans with a string of new tracks exclusively released on Soundcloud and Audiomack—namely, “ALOT [feat. 458KEEZ], “SHE A FREEK [feat. NELL], and “OUT HERE” [feat. WIFISFUNERAL]. Additionally, he has garnered widespread critical acclaim from Orlando WeeklyRESPECT Magazine, and more. Of the MADHOUSE EP, UPROXX predicted, “It is sure to be a true representation of the creative monster he is.



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