Slump6s Drops New Single & Music Video “Own It”

Turning up with another fiery and frenetic banger, 17-year-old Rochester, NY hip-hop artist Slump6s unleashes his new single and video “Own It” today via Field Trip Recordings/Republic Records.

The track’s unpredictable production brushes up against his manic vocal delivery. He flips like a switchblade between breathless heart-pounding verses, guttural baritone, and woozy melodies evocative of his dynamic sonic scope. In the accompanying visual, Slump6s turns up in a mansion before otherworldly madness ensues as skeletons in hoodies take over the staircase and psychedelic dissolves find him in a dark dreamscape.

Stream “Own It”: Here 

Slump6s Is Feeling “Presidential” In New Single & Music Video

17-year-old Rochester, NY hip-hop artist Slump6s unleashes his new single and music video “Presidential” via Field Trip Recordings/Republic Records.

On the track, frenetic production bristles up against his magnetically melodic delivery. Galloping verses collide with a catchy chorus, bottling his vision of controlled chaos seamlessly. In the music video directed by Nick Welch, he dons a boardroom-ready suit as he raps in front of various industrial locations across his hometown. As the psychedelic clip unfolds, red lightning surrounds him, matching the kinetic energy of his presence. It ultimately reflects his superhero-level lyrical abilities.

Listen to “Presidential”: HERE

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Slump6s Drops New Single & Music Video “Origin”

After piling up tens of millions of streams and views independently, 16-year-old Rochester, NY hip-hop artist Slump6s unleashes a new single and music video entitled “Origin” via Field Trip Recordings/Republic Records

On the track, a string sample and a claustrophobic beat drive the frenetic production as his hyperactive delivery bursts with energy. It illuminates his ability to flip like a switchblade between punchy verses and a chantable hook. With its psychedelic filters and rapid cuts, the accompanying visual reflects this kinetic motion as he turns up outside in Los Angeles.

Listen to “Origin”: HERE

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