Tony Shhnow Releases New Single & Video “Last Chance” (feat. Zelooperz)

Tony Shhnow, a staple in Atlanta’s underground hip-hop scene, has just released his new single and visual for “Last Chance” featuring Detroit standout Zelooperz, and announced his upcoming mixtape Reflexions, out 6/9“Last Chance” is a hazy & lucid track, perfectly mixing Zelooperz’s crooning cadence with Tony’s cutthroat flow and quotable bars. As usual, Tony delivers a song that displays yet another style in his wide-ranging musical repertoire and flawlessly flexes his creative prowess. The visual for the track is reminiscent of a late-night escapade, coupled with psychedelic backdrops and luminous colors. Be on the lookout for his new mixtape Reflexionsout 6/9.

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Atlanta’s own Tony Shhnow Releases “Kill Streak 2” (Deluxe) & Music Video For “Slow Crash”

Tony Shhnow, a staple in Atlanta’s underground hip-hop scene, has just shared his newest mixtape Kill Streak 2 (Deluxe) and a music video for the track “Slow Crash”. The 12-track project is a superb showing from Tony Shhnow, featuring a montage of jazzy beats, snappy flows, and sharp lyricism, along with constant DJ drops and Halo “kill streak”sound effects that are reminiscent of the mixtape era of hip-hop’s past. The versatility of Tony’s style has always been an integral aspect of his artistry, and on Kill Streak 2 (Deluxe), Tony produces some of the most eclectic sounds of his career. Although he’s known for utilizing the “plugg” sound, Tony shows just how expansive his musical reach is on this tape, grabbing influences from all corners of hip-hop and cultivating them into one project. “Slow Crash” is a flawless exhibition of Tony’s sheer rapping ability, with his unceasing flow fitting perfectly atop the lofty and layered production, all of which are amplified by the accompanying VHS-style visuals. On tracks like “Sometimes”, a flip of the famed SWV track “Rain”, Tony raps seamlessly over a soulful instrumental, profoundly reflecting on the trial and tribulations of his life. Kill Streak 2 (Deluxe) is an undeniable demonstration of how finely-tuned Tony Shhnow’s rapping is, and a testament to how effortlessly he can jump from style-to-style and bring the same creativity and precision to whatever sound he’s inspired by.

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