Hailing from deep in the heart of Texas, rapper Wacotron‘s natural ability to ride a beat has the game’s tastemakers buzzing. Ready to put in the work it takes to rise to the next level, Wacotron releases Toothpaste to all DSPs. First unveiled last week on YouTube and SoundCloud, the Southside & CuBeatz-produced “Toothpaste” gets its power from the Waco native’s nimble drawl, which weaves between 8-bit synths and echoing guitars. The charismatic rapper chronicles his emergence from the bottom (“under the basement,” as Wacotron says), detailing the decisions he had to make to survive and calling out those who doubted and deceived him: “I had to cut some people out, they was too fake/Shoulda had four eyes, they was two-faced/They were tryna slow me down, but it’s too late/I used to rob, but I found me a new way.”

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