The Agents of LA Alongside Revolt Creative Are Bringing Awareness To Sickle Cell Disease This Holiday Season

One of the top premier real estate agencies in Southern California “Agents of LA” alongside its co-host Revolt Creative, are putting on a charity event to bring awareness to Sickle Cell Disease. Activating the spirit of giving back during holiday season, they are partnering with the Sickle Cell Foundation and the most notorious spokesperson, artist TLC from the the Grammy Award Winning girl group TLC. As T-Boz herself suffers from Sickle Cell anemia, having her a part of this event bridges the entertainment, real estate, community service and medical community altogether for a once in a life time event.

If you are wondering what Sickle Cell Anemia disease is, it is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders that affects hemoglobin, the protein that carries through the body. As there is no cure for this disease, it is a life long battle for those who are diagnosed, so being able to support this cause is important because it can lead to a cure that will x change the world forever. Agents of LA are leading the charge this holiday season, and making sure all of Los Angeles knows about Sickle Cell and they ways everyone can get involved. 

The Agents of LA Christmas Charity Event will include an array of top sponsors to gather community members for a night of giving, thanks and recognition to those who have fought painful diseases and those still fighting. Some of the sponsors include the likes of Blk Water, Black Cannabis, T-Boz from TLC, Revolt Creative, Alpha Magazine, Bang Energy, Exotik Tacos, Richie Rich Flower, CIE Fashion Magazine, Grand Leyanda Organic Tequila and the likes of Exotic Pop

Bringing these top sponsors out who are all making dramatic impacts in there industries, shows that the stage is set for conversations to be pushed forward about how to impact those suffering from diseases that affect so many we love. It will be a night to remember! Get involved by visiting the Agents of LA official Instagram page @AgentsofLA

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