The Swirlers Swing Back Into The Sound Sphere With ‘My Estate’

South London trio The Swirlers swing back into the sound sphere with their latest release ‘My Estate’ – the final teaser ahead of their forthcoming sophomore EP.

Further inviting their audience into their world, ‘My Estate’s flirty lyrics are bolstered by a funky R’n’B beat underpinned by mellow vocals and refrains of suave rap. The combination of the nostalgia-drenched instrumental and their signature swirling sound sees the trio create a tune which is firmly future-facing in its delivery and innovation.

The concept for “My Estate” was birthed when trio members SheiyhSweat and J2ND were waiting for a young lady to join them for an evening plan. They began freestyling with melodies saying “hello Miss, come to the door and greet me, I’m outside siiide”. After about 15 mins, the fundamental pieces to this new idea had been conjured up, explaining the records playful free flowing nature. SheiyhSweat created the beat the following day, mirroring the nonchalant lyrics with a soulfully serene but groovy sound selection.  

Living up to their name, the band swirl genres and sounds into musical gold. Each record sees the group divide and conquer within their musicality, creating a fluid and versatile sound perfectly demonstrating the individual talents of each member. 

With the release of ‘My Estate’, The Swirlers continue to put themselves forward as one of the hottest acts coming out of South London right now. With their sophomore EP on the way, the collective is set to continue to stir things up – watch this space.

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