TiaCorine Shares Debut Album “I Can’t Wait” And New Video “Chaka Khan” Feat. Kenny Beats

North Carlina-based artist TiaCorine has delivered her long-awaited debut album I Can’t Wait and a new video for “Chaka Khan” featuring Kenny Beats. The album is a musical concoction of Tia’s long line of influences––from pop-punk laced tracks like “Rockstar” that could serve as the soundtrack to a rousing mosh-pit, to stirring, rage-inspired songs like “Kite” and soulful, R&B-flavored cuts like “You’re Fired”where Tia stokes her natural front-woman energy. The video for “Chaka Khan” displays Tia in a racy getup primed for the dance floor of Saturday Night Fever, with a disco ball rotating above to appropriately nail the nostalgic aesthetic, as she performs the song’s ear candy hook. Since the release of her show-stopping EP, 34Corine, fans and critics have been clamoring to find out what’s next for the North Carolina-born artist, and now with the release of I Can’t Wait, the long-awaited answer has arrived.

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