TMF Precha, Layzie Bone, and Ronnie King Link with Xpression for New Music based on The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

There’s no way, I’m fucking trapped! I can hardly pay the bills as is. I’m so sick of walking past needles on the ground and drunks stumbling into the yard and passing out right in front of my kids while I’m swinging them. Somethings got to give I can’t keep living this way and these kids deserve better!

These were thoughts running through Tony’s mind while standing in the kitchen watching roaches scurry across the countertop of his trailer at The Junction mobile home park in Gordon, Ga. 2010. 

Fast-forward to 2011 after working long hours and saving up he founded his label imprint Now Entertainment and released several projects including Silly Slim’s Alphabet. He later restructured the label into a blog a short time later.

In 2020 artist and writer Christian Vind interviewed Xpression for the first issue of Now Entertainment Magazine. Shortly thereafter Tony and Xpression connected on Instagram and began building a relationship and working more closely together on future projects such as the first episode of the Now Entertainment Podcast, the song “Bent Rules”, and making plans for an upcoming Amazon Prime episode. 

After learning Xpression had previously worked with Bizzy Bone on the song “Lilith” Tony, being a big fan of Bone Thugs N Harmony since a child, didn’t hesitate to let Xpression know inspiring it was to be working with someone that had previously recorded a project with one of his idols. Knowing this, Xpression asked Precha to join him on a new project with fellow BTNH member Layzie Bone. 

Xpression recalled that Tony aka TMF Precha had referenced the 21st law of power in his debut single G.I.T. and felt there was synergy on the topic so he and his producer Bebo beats conceptualized the instrumental and hook for their new song 48 Laws. Later the multi-platinum, Oscar and Grammy nominated, diamond certified Ronnie King joined the crew and laid down some keys on the song giving it the extra flair it needed and solidifying the beat. Layzie Bone then knocked out his verse of course referring to the 1st law of power “never outshine the master” as the beginning of the third verse on the track. 

Xpression held down the first verse and covered the majority of the laws in the 1998 New York Times bestselling book by Robert Greene. Tony M Fountain then followed suit with the flow but kept the majority of his law references slightly hidden and more cryptic in nature rather than blatantly stating them outright. Midway through his verse TMF Precha demonstrated his influence and respect of the Bone Thug flow by drifting in and out of harmonies. 

Tony says he can’t believe how things have come full circle from the days of daydreaming about this moment, while living in a rundown singlewide trailer with no heat, to present day. He encourages everyone with the hope for something better to keep striving towards their goals and never give up because anything is possible. 

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