Tommie, Formerly of LHHATL, Tells The Truth In A New 34-Minute YouTube Exclusive Documentary

Whether she’s getting arrested, in the throes of battle with her Love and Hip Hop ATLcastmates or having a “calming” glass of chardonnay, millions of people have been captivated by the infamous Tommie! So, who is the woman behind numerous mugshots and viral clips? 

 This past year has been crazy for reality tv star Tommie. Truth documentary follows Tommie throughout her journey this past year as she tries to navigate through the industry as an independent artist dealing with life struggles yet maintaining a core fanbase that wants to see her win.

The documentary also shows small victories for Tommie; like meeting artist Rihanna who noticed and approached Tommie during Paris Fashion Week to give her support for Tommie’s endeavors. 

“Ya’ll gotta understand some of this,” states Tommie. She continues “ I know I’m not a perfect person but I’m trying. Im trying to find peace within myself so I can be a better role model to my young fans, a better person overall and most importantly a better mom to my girls.”

The documentary, directed by @illhd, is striking in its vibrant rawness and gritty nature. The beauty lies in the authenticity of footage showing both its subjects vulnerability and defensive strength. @illhd also directed Tommie’s music video for her single “Truth”. The video has already gained close to 300,000 views after only 4 days of its release! The video has been met with rave reviews by audiences! Many stating they “have a whole new respect for Tommie” and  that they “are rooting for her success and recovery.”

Check it out below!

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