Too Shorts & Dj Funky Chop it Up OG Style!


“I go on and on
Can’t understand how I last so long
I must have super powers
Rap 225 thousand hours”
Borrowed lyrics that Young Money artist Drake recited on his new single with Dj Khaled “For Free”. We all know those infamous words came from Legendary rapper Too Short. Recently Dj Funky caught up with Too Short in Atlanta & they spoke on everything from his lyrics, style, & tempo, being borrowed. Like the real OG he is, he doesn’t mind! Keep his legacy going, 30 years in the game and Short Dog has 2016 concerts left and right. Catch him in New Orleans Saturday September 3rd at the UNO Lakefront Arena Headlining the Super Fresh Hip Hop Festival featuring acts like Doug E Fresh, EPMD, Slick Rick, and more!
Now, back to the Juice, Too Short goes on to explain what the “Money Shot” really is & boy am I surprised, a lot of us (I Know I’m not the only one) thought “Money Shot” was simply a nice view of a woman’s backside. Nooooooo! lol we couldn’t be further from the truth. Short gives us “Sloppy Seconds” tutorial right quick clearly his special since “Cocktails” which was the gigolo journal. You have to catch the entire interview, get a lil knowledge on music, lyrics, history and much more with these 2!

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