Rising Birmingham R&B artist, D Kist, releases his debut record, “Racks Up” ft. breakthrough North Carolina act Toosii. In this record you can hear D Kist’s new sound and melodic harmonies partnered by Toosii’s vibey rap voice. The visual, directed by Mecca Villain, D Kist and Toosii are surrounded by beautiful women and stacks of money, showing their big-boy status and natural magnetic appeal to the ladies. Dayon “D Kist” Bryant began his singing career after a sports injury followed by the global pandemic, where he had the time to truly lock in on his natural talent. “I make music because I can honestly express myself better and just pour my feelings out on a piece of paper, rather than trying to explain it to somebody,” D Kist proclaims. “Racks Up” is the first single off of D Kist’s upcoming project slated to release Spring/Summer 2021.

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