Toronto Rapper OG Compass Re-Emerges Into The Canadian Rap Scene With Visual ‘Tell Me What’s Up’

OG Compass has released his first music video for ‘Tell Me What’s Up’ off his debut EP Reign on October 12, 2020. Produced by 6ixlove and written by Stephen Darteh (OG Compass) and Ebenezer Osei – Friyie (TIZZIK), we wanted to give you the exclusive release of this video for your consideration.

‘Tell Me What’s Up’ contains poignant lyrics revealing the vicious cycle of a dysfunctional relationship and the long lasting impacts it has on the heart, mind, and soul.

The song allows listeners to hear him break his silence on a past lover and the relationship they were intertwined in for over 8 years. ‘Tell Me What Up’ reveals that both parties were silent on their true desires and motives throughout their time together.  Playing games by tugging on the emotions of one another’s heart made it impossible for the love to truly manifest and mature to the extent OG Compass had hoped for the relationship.

The song is pretty much the first anyone has heard from OG Compass since 2018 when he first emerged into the scene with his debut single ‘’Status.’  This single featured BFR rapper Pressa, who has become significant to the Canadian rap scene. Stay tuned for upcoming singles and collaborations from OG Compass!



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