Trillionaire Thugs Just Became One Of The Biggest NFTS!

Trillionaire Thugs is a collection of 7,777 NFTs, each representing a Thug as a digitized piece of 3D art. With more than 300 traits in 3D, our collection will be one of the most diverse and detailed on the market. Our goal is to build a community around the hype of the hip hop universe. The models to follow are no longer in suits, but in sneakers, their crypto wallets often being more loaded!

The Trillionaire Thugs’ collection brings the hip hop and urban scene to the NFT market . This universe is not very well represented even though it is an important part of the hype and is in line with the times. Many hip hop characters embody success and achievement nowadays. Our characters are thugs who evolve in a hype universe and who have been digitized by talented artists to give them life in the Metaverse. By joining the community, you may be making the best investment of your life. Be part of this new financial era where being cool and rich is more compatible than ever!

The NFT project has completely sold out as of now, being one of the fastest selling projects to hit the OpenSea marketplace. The project was backed by celebrities, athletes, and music artists such as Soulja Boy!

Have you ever seen a gang without a boss? In any gang, you get respect and the benefits that go with it, by climbing the ladder. On mint day, you have a direct chance to become a Gold member without having to start from the bottom. On mint day, you will have 5% chance to mint a Golden Thug, as 390 pieces are randomly Golden! Their owners will receive additional benefits when the NFTs are connected to the Metaverse. Just by holding you will get a reward from the crew! In addition to that, 10 Legendary NFTs that will make reference to the crypto world will complete the collection.

The creators of the project are as follows: MARC L. , Producer of Trillionaire Thugs, SAM R. Marketing for the brand, HAU N. is the Art Director, EMMANUEL J. is the 3D Artist for the models, IEGOR A. is the Blockchain Expert, and ALEX A. is the Developer. Each member had an integral role in making the concept come to life and the brand become a reality.

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