United Masters & Earn Your Leisure Team Up With Ally at For an Engaging, Educational Event at SXSW

Known as one of the most engaging events to happen all year, SXSW in Austin, Texas has long been the conference to go to for up and coming creatives looking to network the right way. Boasting all types activities across the board for Movies, Music, TV, Tech and more, we’ve seen plenty of different artists have their first moments at the event. Looking to provide more opportunities to those creatives, distribution service UnitedMasters teamed up with financial gurus Earn Your Leisure and financial service Ally for a fun, engaging event in which they provided a bunch of different things.

UnitedMasters, Ally, and Earn Your Leisure came together to create the Earn Your Masters (EYM) for SXSW on March 17th. The event fueled financial literacy in educating the next generation of creators and people who are traditionally underserved by financial institutions. To activate this mission, UnitedMasters and Earn Your Leisure provided a unique experience for attendees combining education, music, and entertainment. EYM was a content and pop-up experience that focused on art, finance, and the opportunities they created for young musicians and creators.

Photo by Mark Adriane

Spokespersons of the event included: Rashad Bilal, Co-Founder of Earn Your Leisure, Troy Millings, Co-Founder of Earn Your Leisure, Erica Hughes, Multicultural Marketing Director at Ally, and Chaucer Barnes, Chief Marketing Officer at UnitedMasters, Inc. The talent included special guest, Jadakiss and Ryan Leslie; along with emerging acts: Liana Banks$hyfromdrateBigXthaPlug, and open call winner, Kalyan Arnold! The daytime programming went from 2pm to 5:50pm which gave guests access to free group mentoring sessions from industry experts on the most important topics for artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs in art and music that lead to the nighttime performances that started at 6:30pm until 10pm. The day before this all-day conference and show, Intuit presented “The Break Through” featuring LaRussell. This added an intimate mixer with the media and LaRussell from 5-6pm on Thursday, March 16th. The House of Independence overall gave guests access to live performances, and free group mentoring sessions from industry experts on the most important topics for artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

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