Vivek Mehmi Steps Out of His Comfort Zone on “Fulfill You”

Award-winning hip-hop performer and music promoter Vivek Mehmi has faced incredible adversity to get to where he is today. Just as his music career was starting to take off, in 2009 he faced debilitating medical issues that would put his whole life on pause. By 2015, he had embarked on a transformative journey of healing which led to the reinvigoration of his music career.

Now, Vivek is back with “Fulfill You,” the first single part of his EP, RelationShips, which will be released in stages. The song was inspired by many of his relationships, where he was trying to satisfy someone and put their needs before his own. It touches upon feelings of uneasiness, frustration, and heartbreak. Also, a yearning to be complete, to be rid of emptiness and loneliness.

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