Watch Gibrilville’s live performance of ‘Kilodey’ and ‘Dididaada’ on Glitch Africa

Gibrilville is the latest African artist to make his debut on the live music exhibition platform with a performance of his recent smash hits; ‘Kilodey’ and ‘Dididaada’.

Ever wondered what ‘Kilodey’ and ‘Dididaada’ would sound like live? Yes? Well, you’re in luck! Glitch Africa just turned yet another dream of Gibrilville’s sprawling fanbase into a beautiful reality; one that sees the artist alongside the platform’s team of near-perfect musicians, doing what they do best; entertain.

Gibrilville – who took center stage in shades and an eye-catching leopard print – owned the moment with his sweet voice and magnetic energy. In this performance Gibrilville against a misty backdrop of neon lights smoothly captivates viewers with acoustic versions of ‘Kilodey’ and ‘Dididaada’.

Instagram: gibrilville
Twitter: @Gibrilville
Facebook: Gibrilville

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