whiterosemoxie Lives Like a Desert Nomad In “flavors” Video

whiterosemoxie is inviting listeners to see from the perspective of his mind’s eye, moxie shares the new video for his playfully distorted, atmospheric single, “flavors.” Cutting through its room-enveloping arrangement and broad spectrum of sounds, moxie exhibits a natural gravitas with his endearing rasp, seeking simplicity in a complex world. 

Inspired in part by the neo-Western vibes of Jordan Peele’s NOPE, the video for “flavors” takes that concept and flips it on its head, opening on Moxie in the wide-open California desert, lighting fireworks beside a still, rustic windmill, before the track drops and sparks a reset to morning. Waking up in the bare interior of a worn-down trailer, moxie joins his partner on the hubcap-lined porch to take in the expansive emptiness of their surroundings. Before long, the pair go exploring as they seek something novel and exciting, which can be as simple as a run-down shack or old, useless car parts that come to life in such a barren context.

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