Detroit’s Que 9 and Mississippi’s 17th Street Mula have recently joined forces to conjure up quality music which puts them at the top of the totem poll for ascending youth rappers in entertainment. Hip hop is more than music, it’s culture and these two stars showcase that in spades. Check out our exclusive Q/A with the two down below:

I – Interviewer

Que and 17th – Que 9 and 17th Street Mula

I – Describe Que 9 and 17th Street Mula to the average person. Why should we tune in?

Que and 17th – Que 9 Is A multi-talented artist from Detroit, Mi who is what some might call the wave of the newer generation. 17th Street Mula is the voice of the streets from Mississippi and is here to leave a legacy!

I – How does coming from two areas and working together so well help people understand about teamwork?

Que and 17th – Coming From two different areas and working together is dope to me because I feel like us two working together could only make us bigger; two times the talent and two times the hunger. 

I – What are some things about each of y’all that nobody knows?

Que and 17th – Something about me that people don’t know is we’re actually taller in person, people were use to seeing us younger and smaller they really couldn’t see how much we’ve grown during the pandemic. 

I – Can you guys describe the making of “Zooom?”

Que and 17th – The making of zoom and the whole session that day was dope; it’s like the energy was crazy and I think that’s what made the song come out so naturally. We really didn’t take too long on it we just vibed out and made it a hit!

I – What can be said about your upcoming project ‘2 Headed Monster?’

Que and 17th – 2 headed monster is going to shock the world .. and we can’t wait!

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