WinzGotBeats, Donavan Burt, and Reik Tsunam Unleash New Single “Last Time”

On Friday, rising Delaware producer WinzGotBeats entered the summer with new collaborative RNB single “Last Time” alongside Donavan Burt & Reik Tsunam. The new track brings a good vibe, perfect for a ladies night out or a breezy summer night ride. Even though it can be considered RNB, the upbeat twist can easily identify as a hint of pop too, and the balance the trio has created throughout the track is definitely great to hear. With a sturdy hand in production, engineering, and songwriting, almost anything WinzGotBeats gets his hands on is something golden, and “Last Time” with Donavan Burt and Reik Tsunam is surely one example.

Versatility is a superpower, and WinzGotBeats understands the importance of practicing it, given that “Last Time” is one of many different sounds that WinzGotBeats has catered to. Rising artists Donavan Burt and Reik Tsunam also bring the heat on “Last Time” — vocally pairing well and simultaneously keeping the soulful touch that the track has. For those new to WinzGotBeats, Donovan Burt, and Reik Tsunam individually, “Last Time” is a great first impression. Be sure to stream the new single below:

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