XKNephew Re-Releases His Viral Rihanna Co-Signed Track “I Love My Girlfriend”

Rihanna gave the notorious underground Hip-Hop star RXKNephew the stamp of approval when the pop star used the audio of Nephew’s standout 2020 track “I Love My Girlfriend” in her viral TikTok showing off what’s presumed to be her new engagement ring placed around her toe. Now, RXKNephew has returned to officially re-release the viral track. As RXKNephew is relishing in yet another viral moment and the biggest co-sign of his career to date, the re-release of “I Love My Girlfriend” is out now – reminding his loyal fans how far he’s come while introducing his new fans to his tumultuous world-building sound with open arms.

Stream: https://li.sten.to/ilovemygirlfriend

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