Creatively exploring his one-track mind, YN Jay is a major contributor to the Michigan rap lexicon. Coming through with a colorful new chapter in the adventures of “Coochie Man,” Jay shares Coochie Language,” his new video single. Produced by ENRGY, YN Jay’s favorite producer, who combines syncopated kicks with detuned synth sounds, “Coochie Language” showcases Jay’s unique pocket, smirking ad-libs and stop-start flows, packing in plenty of over-the-top quotables: “B*tch ask me who that at the door, that’s my daddy knockin’.” Directed by 2M Digital, the video is powered by Jay’s million watt smile, as he kicks back in a private room in the club under neon lights and a starry ceiling. Coming hot on the heels of Jay’s appearance on Lil Yachty’sMichigan Boy Boat album, “Coochie Language” is the prolific rapper’s third new video in less than 10 days, following the videos for two 2020 Flint collabs, The Mafia” ft. Louie Ray and Coochie Growl” ft. Rio Da Yung OG.

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