It takes a lot to stand out in Atlanta’s crowded rap landscape, but Yung Mal has quickly distinguished himself as one of his city’s brightest young stars. In his newest video, “All Cap,” Mal demonstrates the skill and charisma that inspired XXL to call him “the next to blow out of the south.”

Yung Mal isn’t afraid to let us know how large he lives. In “All Cap,” designer-clad Mal rocks with his Zone 6 associates, calling out the frauds who falsely claim to share his lavish lifestyle. And he doesn’t hold back as he uses his rapid-fire patter to pack his rhymes with as many flexes as possible when listing his strengths (keeping his money long, not being a snitch, and a great lawyer) and his rivals’ shortcomings (claiming to have the aforementioned things, but they’re all cap). 

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